Technically, this is #4

J’s Grandma passed away unexpectedly this morning.  Apparently, it was a blood clot that went up to her heart.  This is the 4th loss he’s had to endure in the last 6-7 months.  He’s lost 2 friends in car accidents, then we lost the baby, and now his Grandma.

I am so very Thankful for our Faith right now because I really don’t know how either of us would get through all of this without it.  I’m praying that good news will start pouring in soon and we won’t have to deal with anymore death for a very long while.


28 thoughts on “Technically, this is #4

  1. I am so sorry that you and J have lost yet another important person in your lives! I hope that are able to lean on each other, and your extended family and friends during this difficult time. I’ll be sending love and offering you support from afar.

    • Thank you so much! Yesterday was rough. It was so hard to watch Justin, his Dad and his Grandpa in tears. There’s just something about seeing grown men grieving that just stabs me in the heart even more than usual. I guess because I’m so used to them acting so tough.

      • I always find it hard to see men cry, I think because it’s just not a common sight. Your are right, they usually act tough so seeing them through hard times can be hard. I am continuing to with you and your husband the best through what has clearly been such a hard year.

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