I did it!!!

I finally got caught up with my blog reading.  I was beginning to think it was never going to happen.  I know I didn’t do a whole lot of commenting but hopefully now that I’m caught up, I can go back to commenting too, lol.

In other news…guys, I got on the scale this morning and it WASN’T pretty…like at all.  As in, some of you are 8-9 months pregnant and weigh less than me and I’m only 5’1 (5′ 1 1/2 on a good day) so it’s not like I should be 167.5 or that I wear it well.

So, I need you Ladies to hold me accountable!  Feel free to email me (pdot95@gmail.com) at anytime and ask if I’m making positive/healthy changes and what they are!  This morning, I skipped coffee because coffee=sweets to me.  I had mint melody tea instead and had oatmeal and blueberries for breakfast.  Snack was baby carrots, no dip.  Lunch was not good because we have food to use up and I refuse to waste it.  I pulled tilapia out of the freezer for dinner.

I think sometime after Easter, my Sister and I are going to do Whole 30.  We’re going to have to find the time to prepare, shop and prep though and who knows when we’ll both be available to make that happen.  For those of you that have done it, I welcome any advice and favorite recipes.  This is going to be seriously hard for me because I do not like veggies!  However, I do need to claim my health back so I’m going to have to figure it out.

Hope all is well with you and know that even if I’m not commenting, you all are in my thoughts!

Lots of Love~Dawn

32 thoughts on “I did it!!!

  1. Arg, I’m sorry and yet happy that you too had the “I’m heavier then I want to be” self-realization. Sorry, because I hate that so many of us going through infertility have watched our waistlines/scales increase. But, I’m happy for you, because it’s such a great opportunity to reclaim your health!
    I find food is at least half the battle, so I love your approach to eating today. We try to focus on fresh and home-made whenever possible and avoid any type of store bought sauces – shop the outside of the grocery store and stay out of the rows and you’ll cart will be full of healthy foods.
    Wishing you the best!

    • Thank you! I know, I seriously never thought in a million years I would get this heavy! Food is probably 3/4 of the battle for me. So hard for me to eat healthy. 😦 I have a WI meat, potatoes and cheese love.

  2. Good job on catching up on all of your blogs (it’s hard work, I know!). A tip for eating better- detox your kitchen and pantry before you start. Get rid of all of the things you’re not supposed to eat. Second tip- dedicate one (or two) days a week to meal prep, and portion out your meals so it’s just easy to grab and go without thinking. Good luck!

  3. You can totally do it!! You can.. I’m about the same height and after my 4th miscarriage, I was 192!! 192!! I got on the scale this morning and I was 152! I still want to lose another 10-15lbs, but you can totally do it! I’ve done it by eating clean, increasing protein (a lot), veggies, and eating mostly organic. You can totally do it! I believe in you! 🙂 I love mamaetmaman’s tips– I do all of those things! I’ve also researched Whole30 and I want to do that too! 🙂

  4. One of my preggers friends is constantly complaining that she is getting too big. But I’m pretty sure I still weigh more than her sans baby!! Good luck with the healthy changes! I’ll be sure to send you some motivational things! 🙂

  5. We can hold each other accountable! I’m starting 21 day fix next Monday with another friend. I lost 89 lbs at one point cutting carbs, eating clean and exercising. I’m up 20 lbs still from my lowest so I need to get back on track! I want to do family pics in june so my goal is to lose 20+ lbs by then! With 21 day fix ideally you can lose 15 lbs in 21 days! I hope I have success with it! 🙂

  6. Girl! I stepped on the scale the other day and cried! I weigh now what I thought i would weigh at 9 months! In fact, I was 5 lbs shy of my husband! Say what?! Needless to say, I am now walking more since the weather is nicer and spending less time blogging :/ I think sittin at the computer all day was adding some pounds :/

    • I cried the other day when my new driver’s license came in the mail and you could visibly see in my face how much weight I’ve gained since our wedding. I was bawling. We can do this though! We can be one big support group to each other in infertility AND getting healthy!

      • I love, love, love mt. dew but I rarely drink it because of the sugar/calories. But today when I ran to the store to grab some lunch meat for sandwiches today, the soda was screaming at me to buy it 🙂 Those dern cooler by the check out lane get me every single time! ugh!!

  7. Oh man I want to do the Whole30 too but I don’t know where to begin. I need meal plans but I think I can do it. Are you starting tomorrow? I hear you on the weight thing. I’m 5’1” as well and it feels like I’m in another person’s body. Well done on taking the first step!

    • We’re not going to start til’ after Easter. My Sister is doing Young Living’s 5 day Master Cleanse first with another one of our team members and then we’re going to start. I might start before her though. If you want to send me your email, I can send you the shopping list from the program on what you can and can’t buy for it. Pinterest has a ton of recipes!

  8. Good luck on your Whole 30. I don’t know that I have the discipline. Because CHEESE and CARBS 😉
    I accidentally marks “all as read” in my blog feed, so that takes care of that as far as blog reading. Oh well. Sometimes it’s just too overwhelming!

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