Day 1 is in the Books!

A few of us bloggers plus my Sister and one of my Young Living team members started Whole 30 today.

By 2pm, I was pretty sure I was going to screw up the first day!  Luckily, I didn’t.  I’m definitely going to be going to bed hungry because I was not well prepared today.  As in, I had stuff here to do a Whole 30 breakfast, but then I needed to go to the store to purchase groceries for the rest of the week and today’s meals.  I didn’t plan well at all, so I had no protein ready to go for lunch.  I ended up just having a salad made of spinach, kale, peppers and grape tomatoes along with a lemon pepper dressing I made.

Dinner was a tenderloin that J made.  I didn’t realize that they were cooking already and they got done pretty fast so, we both just ate a steak for dinner.  Definitely need to work on planning ahead a bit more.  The weekend was just busy and then I had to get my cleaning done before the kids show up tomorrow.  I don’t know what happened this week but the kitchen floor was so disgustingly dirty!  It doesn’t help that Rocky is still shedding his winter coat and it rained most of the week.

Anyways, tomorrow is day 2 and this is where it’s going to really get tough.  Weekends, I can stay busy and leave the house but during the week, I’m just here, by myself, with 4 kids that don’t communicate all that well.  That equals me wanting to eat…and not veggies, lol.  Hopefully the fact that I have a lot of people cheering me on through this will help with my usually non-existant will power.  🙂

The biggest thing I’m hoping to get from doing Whole 30 is to get my Fibromyalgia pain under control.  It’s been pretty prominent lately.  Just the kids sitting or climbing on me is so very painful sometimes.  I’m also hoping to just get in the habit of having veggies with every meal and hopefully I will learn to actually like them by the end of this 30 days.  29 days to go!!!

Lots of Love~Dawn

16 thoughts on “Day 1 is in the Books!

  1. I’m so proud of you! We can totally do this (I type this as I eat my salad and eggs for breakfast). It will be tough, but it will totally be worth it! It’s not really a weight loss program, but I was reading success stories online and they are incredible!! Let’s do this!!

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