the newest member of our family….Bandit!


IMG_4002  IMG_4004 IMG_4007

So here’s the story:

Thursday night after the funeral, we stopped at J’s Mom and Dad’s house.  His cousin lives across the driveway from them and there was this little dog out there that I hadn’t seen before.  I asked who’s it was and they said it was C’s and they’d had puppies and my MIL thought there was one left and asked if I wanted to see it…..ahhhh, duh….yes!!!!  🙂

It took me a bit to catch this little guy and get him to come to me, but once I did, he cuddled right in and gave me lots of sweet puppy kisses.  I begged J to let me have him and he said “no”.  He was worried that Rocky and the puppy would get wild and knock down one of the kids.  I begged and begged and all my in-laws told him that I should be able to have him and he just kept saying no even though his cousin was giving him to us for free.  Guys, I have to tell you…I was heartbroken.  I cried the almost hour it takes us to get home and went straight to bed.  The next morning, I was still just so upset about it.  I called my Mom and told her what happened and she said I need to stand up for what I want once in awhile.

At this point, I was just feeling like I haven’t gotten anything I’ve really wanted in a very long time.  No baby, no new couch and carpet (even though ours is disgusting looking and the couch is broken) because of losing those 2 kids back in January, and many other things.  When J came home on break, I told him all that and he finally (but not happily) gave in.  J’s Dad brought the puppy up that afternoon.

I just adore him and love having a puppy that’s not 100 lbs to cuddle with (although I still cuddle with Rocky too).  Rocky doesn’t seem too bothered by him.  He sniffs him for a bit and then walks away.  As you can see from the pic above, Bandit now has his Daddy wrapped around his little paw.  He cuddled with him all morning and afternoon on Sunday.  He’s also doing great on potty training.  He had 2 accidents his first night with us and none since then.  I love feeling needed again!


21 thoughts on “Introducing…..

  1. He is the cutest thing! I totally understand it feeling good to be needing and having a “baby” to love on! So happy for you and J for warming up to the idea! 😉

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