Have you ever…

totally felt like writing a blog post, but you’re not really sure what to write about?

I’m totally in the mood to write, but there’s not a whole lot more to update you guys on.  You met the new puppy, you’ve been update on Whole 30 and TTC wise, we got nothing going on.  Sex has been a rare thing in this house so far this year.  January and February were just stressful and busy so we just couldn’t muster up much enthusiasm for anything but sleep.  March, J completely tore his achilles tendon so that put sex on the back burner too.  Let’s home May brings us some better luck!

There is also not much to update on the adoption front.  We’re still not done with paperwork.  I did work on my list of questions one day during nap time last week and got pretty far, but I still have to write my autobiography.  J still has a full page of questions to answer and has to write his autobiography.  I need to get the cats in over the next couple weeks to get all their shots updated both for licensing and adoption.  Our classes aren’t until June because the agency was having a hard time finding a time to schedule them so my goal is to having everything done by the end of May so as soon as classes are done…it’s go time.

Young Living is going well although I don’t think I’ll hit Silver in 6.  May is my last month to hit it and I just don’t have a second leg that’s even close to a $4000 OGV.  That’s okay though.  I’ve come to terms with it, but I do hope I hit Silver this summer so that it can help make up for some daycare income.

Speaking of daycare, Ladies…I would totally stop doing daycare if I could come up with a different work from home scenario that is a steady paycheck.  Young Living and Thirty One just don’t cut it because right now, it’s not a high enough or steady enough income (although I totally hope Young Living will be one day in the next year or 2).  I don’t know what it is but my heart just isn’t in it right now.  I love my kiddos individually, but get them together and I want to pull my hair out.  Of course, except for last week, we’ve spent the better part of the last 6-7 months indoors, so that may have something to do with it.  Plus, they’re all on the verge of 2.  The other hard thing is, I’m alone.  All day except when J comes home for lunch and the once in awhile that my neighbor comes over for a playdate.  If I could afford to, I’d totally pay someone to just come from like 8:30-12:30 to keep me company, lol.  In Tomah, it was so much easier.  My Mom was 5 min down the road and she stopped by every single morning when she got off work at 8am and then once I moved here and commuted there to continue daycare, it was in her house so she was there all day for the most part.  I miss that…a lot!

Anyways…if you have any great work from home ideas that actually work, let me know!  I may be losing yet another daycare kid because her Mom took a new position within the hospital and her hours are going to change.  Right now, I don’t know what they are, but the one good think about losing the other 2 was I was going to go back to the original time I had for closing when I started in West Salem and now hers are going to change.  I do not want to go back to working til 5:30pm.  I can’t get to J’s games when I work that late and am always running straight from work to meetings.

As for Thirty One, I have earned over $500 so far that’s gone into our adoption fund.  If any of you love Thirty One and want to host a catalog/online party, let me know!  They’ve added a super cute Cork bag as a hostess exclusive starting in May that I totally want, lol.  Cork bags are huge this season and the big names are charging mega bucks for them.

Okay, I guess I had a few things to write about, lol.  Now that I’ve got all that off my mind, I better go start clearing my desk because it’s seriously scary looking right now!

Lots of Love~Dawn

2 thoughts on “Have you ever…

  1. A friend of mine is having a lot of success doing freelance writing from home, through a site called oDesk. I registered for the site and had like, 10 job offers within the first 48 hours, so I ended up removing my profile because between my regular full time job, my part-time independent photography business, TTC stuff, and trying to get my teaching license I didn’t have a ton of time to devote and didn’t want to get a bad reputation in case I ever do want to get into that. But it seems like the turnaround on jobs can be pretty quick and you can have a lot of success there.

  2. Wow for someone who didn’t know what to write about, you did a great job writing! You sound so busy with a lot of different moving parts in your life right now.
    I hope you can sort out the daycare kids and plan a few more play dates and visitors now that the weather is nice. And, I always love hearing about your adoption progress, getting paperwork done is a pain in the butt, but I’ve decided that the great thing about the paperwork is that you get to feel like you are doing something – I miss that. (I cannot believe I actually miss something about the adoption process).
    And seriously, I suggest making more time for sex now that J is healing from his ankle injury – sex always makes life a bit better. 🙂

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