New Orleans, Adoption and Day Care, Oh My! Part 1

New Orleans was awesome!  It was an amazing, busy, exhausting weekend, but so worth the very expensive plane ticket!  I got to see my kids and some of the Lucas’ extended family that I haven’t seen in forever.  I drove up to Minneapolis after work on Thursday night and stayed in a hotel.  Woke up at 2:20am to pee and my wake up call was for 2:40 (my flight was 5:10am and they said I should get the 3:30am shuttle over to the airport) so I just stayed up.  Got to the airport in plenty of time (so early in fact, that none of the food places were open until a bit before boarding my flight), got my shaving cream thrown out because apparently, they count it as a liquid ( I was irritated, it was new and I had only used it once).  The 2nd half of the flight was pretty bumpy, but otherwise uneventful.  Had a 2 hr delay at the Houston airport and then onto NOLA!  Once we arrived in NOLA, we got stuck on the plane for about 30 min because of a storm moving through.  Finally made it to the taxi line and it was like a mile long…luckily, it went quickly.  I was greeted by 4/5 of the Lucas clan when I walked through the doors of the hotel!  It was so good to see them and get huge hugs.  I gave Hals part of her graduation present (my chocolate chip cookies) and was rewarded by much excitement to have Dawnie’s cookies again.  Daniel requested them for his Birthday in a couple weeks, lol.

My room was the only one ready so we all went up to drop our stuff off and the Jane, Halle, Dan (who is now a head taller than me 😦 ) and I went to do a little exploring.  We went to Cafe Du Monde for beignets.  They were delicious!


From there, we walked around for awhile and then went back to the Hotel to pick up Scott, Scott’s Sister (Karen) and nephew (Blake) and Halle’s older brother’s girlfriend (Phoebe).  We went to the Royal House to grab some apps and to wait for Justin (Halle’s older brother) to arrive.  I had crab claws in this amazing sauce with french bread that Daniel stole half of (as he always does).  Here we are:


From there, we headed to Halle’s house to check it out and then went to visit the Tulane Campus.  After that, we went to dinner (there was a lot of eating going on this past weekend).  I can’t remember the name of the restaurant, but I had 3 small filet mignons covered with different sauces over mashed potatoes and it was so yummy!  After dinner, the older adults (which I really should have been included in, lol) and Daniel went back to the hotel and Blake and I were left to try and keep up with the 20 somethings.  We went to Frenchman St. to a few different bars and had some drinks and listened to music.  We were back at the hotel by Midnight, Thank God, because I’d been up for 22 hrs by then and was exhausted!

Got up at 8am Saturday morning and headed out for Breakfast and some exploring with Justin, Phoebe and Daniel.  Got back to the hotel about 11am and got ready to head to the graduation.  It was about 2 hrs long and pretty boring but we were so proud of Hals!!!

IMG_4118 IMG_4119

From there, we went to lunch at Jaqimo’s (spelling?) and oh my goodness….sooooo good!  I was pretty worried about the food before I went down because I’m not a big spicy person but I loved everything I ate while I was there and I would totally fly back down there just to go this place again.  It was that yummy!  After lunch, most of us went back to the hotel to rest for about an hour before heading to a house party for Hals and 2 of her best friends.  One of the families had it catered and it was a good time just enjoying everyone’s company, food and drinks.  This is where my favorite part of the weekend happened.  Daniel, who will be 14 in 2 weeks is still such a love (I love that about him).  He was sitting on my lap because there weren’t enough chairs and we ended up having like an hour long discussion about God.  It was awesome!  He was asking great questions and is so interested in reading the Bible.  I’m going to get him a Teen Bible for his Birthday.  He also might come out this summer and stay with us for a week or so.  🙂  After the house party, Blake and I once again headed out with the young’ins to a music venue/bar to hear this great brass band play.  Their name was “Soul Rebels” and they were fantastic.  At about 12:15am, Blake and I got a cab back to the hotel and the early 20 somethings headed for the next bar, lol.  Got up at 5am and headed back to the airport.  After a delay in Houston, I finally arrived in Minneapolis, got back to the hotel to get the truck and arrived home just before 5pm.  It was a long day!!!

10 thoughts on “New Orleans, Adoption and Day Care, Oh My! Part 1

    • It absolutely was! Thank you…me too, lol! J left yesterday morning for the school forest and I sent Rocky to daycare today, so hopefully, he’ll be nice and tired tonight. Now Bandit is another story! He gets his 2nd wind about 8:30pm. 🙂

  1. This trip sounds like you did a lot in such a short period of time. Best vacations are always the ones u feel like there isn’t enough time.

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