New Orleans, Adoption and Daycare. Part 2

The first afternoon I was in New Orleans, I received a call.  We were at Cafe Du Monde getting beignets, so I let it go to voicemail.  As we waited for our server to show up, I listened to the voicemail and it was our social worker.  It turns out that she took a new position supervising the Infant Domestic program at our agency and would no longer be our social worker.  I was upset, to say the least and knew that J would be upset too.  Although we haven’t had a ton of interaction with her yet, we liked her right away when we first met with her and she was the social worker on our friend’s 3 adoptions so we knew she was kind and good at her job.  We also found out that our classes are now being postponed til August when they have a new social worker hired.

I was right, J wasn’t happy and began re-thinking our plan to go with this agency…again.  I called Laura on Monday to speak with her about it and by the end of the conversation, I was totally reassured that we should stay where we’re at right now.  She reassured us that we can move forward and be in the book before we take August’s classes.  We just have to watch modules online and let her know that we watched them.  Our plan is still to have our paperwork done by the time we would’ve had our classes in June and as soon as the new social worker is hired (she’s thinking about a month), we will sit down (the 4 of us and have a meeting about where we’re at).  We will also get our portfolio book at that time to make our scrapbook for birth parents.  I’m hoping by the time we actually take the classes in August, we’ll already be in the book.

I do have concerns about the home study because of something that happened between J and his ex-girlfriend when we first start dating that resulted in him being arrested.  He had to do an aversion agreement and go through an alcohol assessment and go to a group about learning to communicate effectively.  The worst part is, she was totally lying but before J’s Sister could print out the evidence off FB, she blocked her.  J’s lawyer said they could fight it but he would call her children to the stand and J wasn’t willing to put the girls through that.   I am really hoping in doesn’t hinder us in anyway because J would be devastated if it does.

Anyways, I’m hoping to get through a lot of the paperwork this weekend and I’m really hoping this stupid cold I caught goes away!  It’s my own fault for not remembering that I should have brought Inner Defense with me on the trip until I was on the first airplane.  Being on airplanes and a weekend with not much sleep…I knew I wouldn’t get through that without getting sick and I was, unfortunately, right.

Hope all is well with you all!


8 thoughts on “New Orleans, Adoption and Daycare. Part 2

  1. I’m sorry you are having some doubts with your adoption agency – honestly, staff changing has also turned our lives upside down and now we essentially despise our USA agency. It makes it difficult, but we also realize we don’t have to like the agency, we just have to work with them. And it sounds like you guys are in a better spot, so I think you’ll be just fine! Also, I’m glad they are working with you to not force you to wait until August to get started!
    As for your family history and drama, I honestly wouldn’t worry too much about it, or at least I’d try not to. In our experience they understood that life isn’t perfect and we all have bumps on the road. The seemed to stress that it was about how we handled the bumps in the road and how we envision helping children facing similar difficult situations. I suspect it will be similar for you too.
    Sending you love my friend!

  2. Sorry u are hitting this bump on the road. Have faith that everything will work itself out and things will continue as planned. U can’t change the past but u can definitely shape ur future. Hope u feel better soon.

  3. I’m sorry to hear that you’re hitting a rough patch. As if adoption isn’t already stressful enough, you have to add a staff change to to mix. I’m glad they’ll work with you to make it a smooth transition. I wouldn’t think that one instance would affect your chances of being chosen; they probably only worry if there is a pattern. Hope your spirit and your health start feeling better soon.

  4. During the beginning we had a few doubts about our agency also but in the end we stuck it out. Thankfully we haven’t had any staff change but things are different everywhere. Here when they did back ground check they checked for class c misdemeanor and up but they will work with you especially if he took the classed and things like that. Sending prayer your way : ) I am on the last few pages of our adoption book & I did it myself because i wanted it to be more personal.

  5. I’m sorry to hear about your social worker, but glad you have a plan in place! In Illinois, I believe that felonies are the things that would exclude someone from being a foster parent or an adoptive parent in most places. I think that having something in the past, learning from it (perhaps by making wiser decisions in the future), and being able to talk about it like an adult could be an asset. I wouldn’t worry about it too much. I am wishing you both all the best!

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