What’s Even Harder Then FB Pregnancy Announcements?

Answer:  Watching several of your HS classmates celebrating their child’s HS graduation this weekend.

Talk about a kick in the stomach.  Some of them have already have children going off to college and I haven’t even managed to have 1 child yet.

10 thoughts on “What’s Even Harder Then FB Pregnancy Announcements?

  1. Agreed-this is much harder. I think this because the goal is to have a child to celebrate milestones with, not just to be pregnant. So these things are really tough. Im sorry & I am thinking of you 💜

    • YES! That is a huge part of it. J was having a hard time last weekend because he was building a bench out of a tree limb he’d cut down and he just so wants to have someone to teach these things to. It’s rare that he shows it and actually says out loud what he’s thinking. I sent an inquiry to Big Brothers/Big Sisters this week about J and I becoming a Big Couple. I’m hoping that helps a little.

  2. We were just at a 40th birthday bBQ for a good friend of ours, and her 19 year old son was there. It just blows our minds… DW is the same age as the birthday girl, and we just think about all of those fertile years lost.

      • Yeah, I agree. It’s not really a great way to think of it, but we do sometimes. We just figure that the time wasn’t right for us, and that we wouldn’t be where we are if things had happened differently.

    • That’s so true! And honestly, J and I only waited a year after we met to start trying. We just didn’t meet until late in life. I was almost 34 when we met. Infertility sucks, no two ways about it, but I’ve also been Blessed to live the life I have and most of the time, I do realize that! 🙂

  3. Yes. I always get the questions about “delaying having kids” and I just want to scream. I was in a long term relationship before this one. I haven’t delayed. It’s just everyone else is super fertile!

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