Sorry for Disappearing

First off, Thank you so much for all your condolences.  They are so appreciated!  Uncle Tom’s “Celebration of Life” was this past Tuesday.  It was definitely hard to watch my Aunt and Cousins have to say that final goodbye.  I got to see a lot of family that we only seem to see at funerals these days so it was nice to catch up.

This past weekend, J and I had tickets to see Kenny Chesney and Jason Aldean at Lambeau Field in Green Bay.  If you don’t know, this is the Green Bay Packers stadium and the happiest place on earth for any Packer Fan, even if it’s not for a game!  🙂  I got J the tickets for his birthday and it was a nice weekend away.  One of the best we’ve had in a very long time.  Here’s a few pics:



Waiting for Jason Aldean to start!



The pups stayed with Grandma (my Mom) for the weekend.  This is on the ride home.  Our little family minus the kitties!

My last daycare kiddo to leave has his last day tomorrow and I also start my 3 week vacation.  We have no set plans at this time, but I’m super excited to just have some time off.  We got the letter from our health insurance today about the questions the adoption agency had for them so I’m hoping we’ll be able to get everything turned in next week.  I’ve been keeping up with all your blogs even if I haven’t been commenting.  Things have just been busy with meetings and getting our rental house ready for the new renters on Sunday.  J also has been taking on a ton of mowing and tree trimming jobs so it feels like I see him even less than I do during the school year.  The man has no clue how to relax and slow down!

Hope you are all well!

Lots of Love~Dawn

Heaven has Received Another Angel

And right now, it just feels like too many.  Both sets of Grandparents, Davage, Uncle Ray, Dad, Quamme, Brian, Our Baby, Grandma Dolly, Preston and now Uncle Tom.

I am Thankful that he is no longer suffering, but I hurt, especially for my Aunt and Cousins and for my Mom and Aunt (his Sisters).  He is donating his brain to science.  I hope and pray that this will help them find out more about this awful disease that is so rare.  I pray that they at least find medications that can help while searching for a cure, because right now, there is nothing.

Hug your loved ones a little tighter, my friends.  Death just sucks for those of us left behind.  Uncle Tom is up there right now having a beer with Grandpa, Uncle Ray and Dad.

Lots of Love~Dawn

Seriously Love my Nieces

So, one of my nieces had a birthday yesterday.  She turned 10.  J’s birthday was on the 12th so we always do their celebration with my family together.  Last night, we’re all at my Mom’s and we’re talking about Driver’s Ed.  I have a nephew still working on getting his license and my 15 yr old niece who is anxiously awaiting her permit.  So, J says even though he’d been driving motorcycles since he was young, he failed the first motorcycle written test because he thought the questions would be common sense and instead, he totally should have read the book they gave him before he took the test.  So here’s how the conversation between J, my 15 yr old niece, my Sister and myself went:

J:  Make sure you read the book.  Here was one of my questions on the test.  How far away from a crosswalk do you need stop if there’s a blind person in it?

Niece:  How would you know if the person was blind.

My Sister:  They would have a cane or a dog with them.

Niece:  While they’re driving?

Me:  They’re not driving…they’re blind!!!!

LOL…oh my gosh… it was hilarious and it just got funnier as the night went on and we retold the story.  🙂

In other news, I lose another daycare kiddo tomorrow.  😦  Also, serious cramping again this month…I totally think the endo is back with a vengeance.  I got my oils, now I just need to find time to do them a couple times a day.  The oral protocol had a pretty expensive oil in in so I’m doing the topical one and you need to put a hot compress over the oils when you’re done layering them.  There’s also a protocol that you use on your spine a couple times a week.

J and I are also finally back on track on the intimacy front.  It only took the first half of the year!  A flip got switched for both of us while he was in DC that week and it’s been great ever since.

This Saturday, we’re heading to Lambeau Field (the happiest place on earth for a Packer fan) for the Kenny Chesney/Jason Aldean concert.  I also start vacation about 4:30pm on the 26th so I’m super excited about that.  We still have come up with any kind of plans for it, but we’ll sort it out eventually.

We do some sad news awaiting us though.  My Uncle was put into hospice and it will be any day now.  He’s being kept sedated at all times at this point and he has an infection throughout his body.  I’ll be surprised if he lives past this week.

On the adoption front, I finally got a hold of our health insurance today and had a very friendly representative who even called me back after she got my email with the questions they needed to answer to let me know that the letter was sent to be mailed.  Now J needs to get a bunch of things signed, he needs to finish answering his questions and do his autobiography and we need to gather all our proof of insurances.  Make copies of everything and we can go turn it in!  Yay!!!

I hope all is well with you all and Congratulations to all the new Mama’s out there.  I’m super happy for you all!

Lots of Love~Dawn

So This Happened Today….

J and I went to a graduation party today.  He and the kid’s Dad play basketball together.  We walk in and the 8th grade math teacher at J’s school (and who also happened to be my 8th grade math teacher in Tomah once upon a time) was standing there and says hi to me and asks me how I’m feeling.  I thought it was a little odd, but I just said I was good.  So then, a couple minutes later, she asks me how the baby’s doing.  Ummm….so I either look really good for what should be almost 30 weeks pregnant or I look awfully big for not being pregnant at all.  I’m not really sure which one it is.  J, of course said, it’s that I look great for what would have been 30 weeks, lol.

I then, of course, had to tell her that we lost the baby back in January and she apologized (many times) and said how did she not know this.  I just said that J doesn’t really talk about it too much.

So yep, that’s what happened to me today.


Some of you may remember that J has a cousin that is like a brother to him.  In fact, because of circumstances in their family, J’s parents took in his cousin and siblings and became their foster parents for awhile when they were growing up.  You may also remember that I adore his wife.  She is like a Sister to me and we talk pretty much weekly.  She is one of the few people that has said, “I can’t possibly know what you’re going through, but I’m here for you.  If you need to vent or cry, call me.”  She is AMAZING!!!

So, where am I going with this?  This morning, I received this text from her:

Hello my Dawny.  I had a dream last night that you were receiving a 9 week old baby boy.  As we arrived at your home to meet him, there was “Welcome home Baby Noah” banner above the house.  I must say, when I woke from this wonderful dream, I cried.  I believe it’s a sign, a reminder from God, keep praying, and this I will continue to do.  I love you.  Your baby is waiting for you.

Guys, I will admit, I also cried after her message set in.  It looks like, if we have a baby boy, his name will be Noah.  More than likely, it will be Noah Lucas.

I can’t wait to welcome God’s Blessing to our family!


On August 7th, it will be 5 years since my Dad passed away.  When his wife decided to sell their house, she held a rummage sale and hired people to run it so she didn’t have to be there.  J and I decided to go and check it out.  I found this cup there:

IMG_2556 IMG_2557

We bought him this coffee cup one year for either his Birthday or Father’s Day, I can’t remember which.  I just remember I was pretty darn young when we got it for him.  I love having this cup and drinking coffee from it.  I just feel closer to my Dad when I do.

Today, this happened:


I was outside with the kids and was sitting in an adirondack chair and had it sitting on the arm of it next me.  Miss C came up and knocked it to the ground and it broke.  Ladies, I cried like he’d died all over again.  That probably seems a bit silly but I was and still am just heartbroken.  Yes, we can try and glue it back together, but I doubt I’ll be able to ever drink coffee from it again.    I have many mementos from my Dad, heck, we have a shrine to him and his military career over our fireplace, but that coffee cup was just very special to me.  Anyways, I don’t know, it just hit me really hard.  I called my Mom and was crying so hard I couldn’t even get out what happened.  Needless to say, I gave her a bit of a scare, lol.

This is also Miss C’s last day.  😦  Although I am the one to chose to have them go to a new daycare because I didn’t want to keep working so late every day, I am still very sad to see her go.  She is cute as a button and her family is just so awesome.  J and I are going miss her bunches!

I will end this post on a brighter note though….I get to go pick up my car today when I get off work!!!!  Yay…and J is home safe and sound from DC (and off mowing lawns already)!


june giveaway.

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Trials Bring Joy

You know what I love? Reading something that makes you feel a little less crazy, a whole lot understood and helps you through the messy journey of infertility. A few months ago I shared a book during a Q & A series that did all of that for me while also encouraging my faith and validating the fact that you can be a Christian and still wonder “why”. The book is calledEvery Drunken Cheerleader … Why Not Me: Wit, Wisdom & Warmth from Your Fertility Challenged Friendby Kristine Ireland Waits. First of all, can we just giggle at the title? I think it just goes to show you the humor she has, which is laced throughout the pages. Anyways, I am sharing this with you because Kristine has graciously offered a signed copy of her book to the readers of this blog in a giveaway that I am…

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Because I Can’t Wait Until Friday….

I have to tell you that I got a car!  I was going to wait until we actually picked it up and I could post a pic, but I’m too excited!

So, J had a change of heart and decided I was right Wednesday afternoon.  Unfortunately, he was too late and the Mariner was sold.  I was, of course, incredibly disappointed.  My emotions were pretty darn crazy last week since AF was due.  I started searching out other Mariners but they were either more expensive, didn’t have what I wanted or were sold already when I called.  Saturday, we went back to the same place that the Mariner was at and test drove a Hyundai Santa Fe.  It was also a 2010, had the blue tooth and sunroof, but way more miles.  Like, almost 100,000.  However, it was a little roomier than the Mariner and had extra features like navigation and a back up camera that the Mariner didn’t have.  J let me make the ultimate decision and I said we’d take it.  It’d just gotten traded in so the 169 point check had been done, but it hadn’t been detailed yet so I didn’t take it home that day.  J is in DC all week chaperoning the 8th grade trip so we will pick it up Friday evening when I get off work.

So, what does one do when her husband is away for a week?  So far, I’ve gone to a confirmation party and graduation party.  I started the 3 day military diet today because limiting myself when he is around is extremely hard.  I’ve got work all week (this is Ms. C’s last week 😦 ), pups to take care of, kitties to get vaccinated and also figure out which one is refusing to use the litter box.  I also started the 21 day fix workouts today after I put the kids down for a nap.  Holy crap…I am so out of shape.  I modified and even stopped several times during the workout and pretty much wanted to puke by the end of it.  I did burn 322 calories though so I’ll take it.

The rest of the week I am just going to work on adoption paperwork.  J took the list of questions with him so hopefully he will have his all done by the time he gets back from his trip (I’m kind of doubting it though, lol).  I think that we have also decided, unfortunately, not to take our big West coast road trip this summer.  😦  I am really sad about this because I’m sincerely hoping by next summer, we won’t want to do one with a baby and I was going to meet my Dear Friend at Meant to be a Mommy.  Right now, we’re looking at going up North in Wisconsin to the area my family vacationed every summer.  The resort we went to was sold off to individuals, but we’re looking into staying elsewhere.

I think that’s about all the updates I have right now.  I have a Young Living order going in tonight and I’m getting the oils for the endometriosis protocol to give that a try.  My after ovulation cramps were super painful this month so I think it’s coming back with a vengeance.  The year anniversary of my surgery is coming up on Friday.

Ohhhh, I forgot to tell you the coolest part of buying the car.  We were in with the finance guy signing papers, and somehow, church came up and it turns out we belong to the same church.  Then I told him we needed the bigger car because we’re in the adoption process and so before we left, he prayed for us.  It was amazing and I will definitely go back to that dealership next time we need a vehicle!

Hope all is well with everyone!

Lots of Love~Dawn