Because I Can’t Wait Until Friday….

I have to tell you that I got a car!  I was going to wait until we actually picked it up and I could post a pic, but I’m too excited!

So, J had a change of heart and decided I was right Wednesday afternoon.  Unfortunately, he was too late and the Mariner was sold.  I was, of course, incredibly disappointed.  My emotions were pretty darn crazy last week since AF was due.  I started searching out other Mariners but they were either more expensive, didn’t have what I wanted or were sold already when I called.  Saturday, we went back to the same place that the Mariner was at and test drove a Hyundai Santa Fe.  It was also a 2010, had the blue tooth and sunroof, but way more miles.  Like, almost 100,000.  However, it was a little roomier than the Mariner and had extra features like navigation and a back up camera that the Mariner didn’t have.  J let me make the ultimate decision and I said we’d take it.  It’d just gotten traded in so the 169 point check had been done, but it hadn’t been detailed yet so I didn’t take it home that day.  J is in DC all week chaperoning the 8th grade trip so we will pick it up Friday evening when I get off work.

So, what does one do when her husband is away for a week?  So far, I’ve gone to a confirmation party and graduation party.  I started the 3 day military diet today because limiting myself when he is around is extremely hard.  I’ve got work all week (this is Ms. C’s last week 😦 ), pups to take care of, kitties to get vaccinated and also figure out which one is refusing to use the litter box.  I also started the 21 day fix workouts today after I put the kids down for a nap.  Holy crap…I am so out of shape.  I modified and even stopped several times during the workout and pretty much wanted to puke by the end of it.  I did burn 322 calories though so I’ll take it.

The rest of the week I am just going to work on adoption paperwork.  J took the list of questions with him so hopefully he will have his all done by the time he gets back from his trip (I’m kind of doubting it though, lol).  I think that we have also decided, unfortunately, not to take our big West coast road trip this summer.  😦  I am really sad about this because I’m sincerely hoping by next summer, we won’t want to do one with a baby and I was going to meet my Dear Friend at Meant to be a Mommy.  Right now, we’re looking at going up North in Wisconsin to the area my family vacationed every summer.  The resort we went to was sold off to individuals, but we’re looking into staying elsewhere.

I think that’s about all the updates I have right now.  I have a Young Living order going in tonight and I’m getting the oils for the endometriosis protocol to give that a try.  My after ovulation cramps were super painful this month so I think it’s coming back with a vengeance.  The year anniversary of my surgery is coming up on Friday.

Ohhhh, I forgot to tell you the coolest part of buying the car.  We were in with the finance guy signing papers, and somehow, church came up and it turns out we belong to the same church.  Then I told him we needed the bigger car because we’re in the adoption process and so before we left, he prayed for us.  It was amazing and I will definitely go back to that dealership next time we need a vehicle!

Hope all is well with everyone!

Lots of Love~Dawn


21 thoughts on “Because I Can’t Wait Until Friday….

  1. So happy you are getting your new car!!! I am so excited for you to fill it up with your little baby!! 🙂
    I’m sorry you decided to cancel your summer road trip – we did the same thing to save some money and I was miserable over it! I hope you have a better attitude then me 🙂

    • Thank you! I am pretty sad over it, but a final decision hasn’t totally been made, so I may still be holding onto a little hope, lol. I’m willing to make the sacrifice though. I don’t want credit card debt either unless it’s to pay for the adoption!

      • I hear you! I’m embracing weekend camping trips and making the most of the odd long weekend. It may not have been what we really wanted, but honestly, my rational brain knows it’s the absolute right decision. It sounds like we are in the same boat! 🙂

  2. Congrats on the new wheels! That’s exciting 😊
    And I’m starting the 21 Day Fix today too!! Did you pick you own video today or went with the day one video? I haven’t done mine yet. Are you following the food program too?

    • Thank you! I just did the Day 1 video…Total Cardio Fix. It kicked my ass and then some, lol. I’m doing the 3 day military diet right now, and then I’m just going to try and do better than normal. If I try and make things too strict, I always fail pretty much immediately! Good Luck!!!

  3. Yay on the new car!!! It’s a bummer you have to cancel your trip, but think of it as postponed and then next time hopefully there will be another traveling with you on said road trip! I’m thinking about the 21 day fix….how are you ladies liking it?

    • Thank you! It is, but I’m excited to show J the area I vacationed in growing up. 🙂 Ok, honestly, I only managed the 1st day this week and the Day 1 workout kicked my butt. I hurt until today, lol. I’m seriously out of shape though!

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