Some of you may remember that J has a cousin that is like a brother to him.  In fact, because of circumstances in their family, J’s parents took in his cousin and siblings and became their foster parents for awhile when they were growing up.  You may also remember that I adore his wife.  She is like a Sister to me and we talk pretty much weekly.  She is one of the few people that has said, “I can’t possibly know what you’re going through, but I’m here for you.  If you need to vent or cry, call me.”  She is AMAZING!!!

So, where am I going with this?  This morning, I received this text from her:

Hello my Dawny.  I had a dream last night that you were receiving a 9 week old baby boy.  As we arrived at your home to meet him, there was “Welcome home Baby Noah” banner above the house.  I must say, when I woke from this wonderful dream, I cried.  I believe it’s a sign, a reminder from God, keep praying, and this I will continue to do.  I love you.  Your baby is waiting for you.

Guys, I will admit, I also cried after her message set in.  It looks like, if we have a baby boy, his name will be Noah.  More than likely, it will be Noah Lucas.

I can’t wait to welcome God’s Blessing to our family!

15 thoughts on “Noah

    • 🙂 Right?! When I was briefly pregnant, before we knew I was, my Mom had a dream with my Grandma in it and a co-worker told her that means that someone in the family was pregnant. We thought it was crazy until it turned out I was!

  1. I love that his name in her dream was Noah, because of the symbolism of that Bible story and the rainbow. Praying that your rainbow baby, Noah, comes to you soon!

  2. I truly believe dreams are signs. My mom always had dreams prior to knowing my SIL was pregnant. My SIL had a dream of me being 5 months pregnant before she knew I was and that was also true. Here’s hoping baby Noah is on his way.

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