So This Happened Today….

J and I went to a graduation party today.  He and the kid’s Dad play basketball together.  We walk in and the 8th grade math teacher at J’s school (and who also happened to be my 8th grade math teacher in Tomah once upon a time) was standing there and says hi to me and asks me how I’m feeling.  I thought it was a little odd, but I just said I was good.  So then, a couple minutes later, she asks me how the baby’s doing.  Ummm….so I either look really good for what should be almost 30 weeks pregnant or I look awfully big for not being pregnant at all.  I’m not really sure which one it is.  J, of course said, it’s that I look great for what would have been 30 weeks, lol.

I then, of course, had to tell her that we lost the baby back in January and she apologized (many times) and said how did she not know this.  I just said that J doesn’t really talk about it too much.

So yep, that’s what happened to me today.


24 thoughts on “So This Happened Today….

      • I am so sorry! I find those comments are always the hardest when I least expect them. But at J’s Grandma’s funeral, that just seems a tad bit cruel.
        I really do hope today was a bit better. You so deserve some happiness.

    • Today was a good day. Spent it cleaning, lol. I’m okay…I was just really surprised and taken aback. It clearly should be my motivation to work out and get toned again! At the funeral, it was Marvin who is this much older guy that J really looks up to. He had told him about the Baby the last time he’d seen him and then nobody told him that we had miscarried. 2 weeks left of work and I get my break.

  1. Oh hun I am so sorry!! I am sure you had such a roller coaster ride of emotions. Sending you some hugs today and praying Zechariah 9:12 over you which says that God will restore to you double for your trouble. Xo

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