Infertility Costs?

At this point, we are done with treatments, but this may be helpful to someone else, and maybe even us one day. Thank you, Sondra, for sharing!!!

A Calm Persistence

Finances are something that is not always talked about when you’re experiencing infertility, however it is one of the biggest burdens for some. In most states (and countries), with most companies, anything labeled as “infertility” is not covered.

I was very fortunate that my diagnosis was covered, which involved thousands of dollars worth of testing and about 40+ vials of blood. My head was spinning when I got the initial insurance papers and there were many, many tears wondering if insurance would even pay. I’ve learned a lot about dealing with insurance companies since my initial diagnosis almost 2 years ago now.

Even being diagnosed with PCOS, my RE has to be careful things are coded correctly otherwise my basic, much-needed care will be denied by insurance. I even have them listed in my phone under ‘favorites’–that’s how much I call.

I’m not about to have a discussion about our finances here…

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