Seriously Love my Nieces

So, one of my nieces had a birthday yesterday.  She turned 10.  J’s birthday was on the 12th so we always do their celebration with my family together.  Last night, we’re all at my Mom’s and we’re talking about Driver’s Ed.  I have a nephew still working on getting his license and my 15 yr old niece who is anxiously awaiting her permit.  So, J says even though he’d been driving motorcycles since he was young, he failed the first motorcycle written test because he thought the questions would be common sense and instead, he totally should have read the book they gave him before he took the test.  So here’s how the conversation between J, my 15 yr old niece, my Sister and myself went:

J:  Make sure you read the book.  Here was one of my questions on the test.  How far away from a crosswalk do you need stop if there’s a blind person in it?

Niece:  How would you know if the person was blind.

My Sister:  They would have a cane or a dog with them.

Niece:  While they’re driving?

Me:  They’re not driving…they’re blind!!!!

LOL…oh my gosh… it was hilarious and it just got funnier as the night went on and we retold the story.  🙂

In other news, I lose another daycare kiddo tomorrow.  😦  Also, serious cramping again this month…I totally think the endo is back with a vengeance.  I got my oils, now I just need to find time to do them a couple times a day.  The oral protocol had a pretty expensive oil in in so I’m doing the topical one and you need to put a hot compress over the oils when you’re done layering them.  There’s also a protocol that you use on your spine a couple times a week.

J and I are also finally back on track on the intimacy front.  It only took the first half of the year!  A flip got switched for both of us while he was in DC that week and it’s been great ever since.

This Saturday, we’re heading to Lambeau Field (the happiest place on earth for a Packer fan) for the Kenny Chesney/Jason Aldean concert.  I also start vacation about 4:30pm on the 26th so I’m super excited about that.  We still have come up with any kind of plans for it, but we’ll sort it out eventually.

We do some sad news awaiting us though.  My Uncle was put into hospice and it will be any day now.  He’s being kept sedated at all times at this point and he has an infection throughout his body.  I’ll be surprised if he lives past this week.

On the adoption front, I finally got a hold of our health insurance today and had a very friendly representative who even called me back after she got my email with the questions they needed to answer to let me know that the letter was sent to be mailed.  Now J needs to get a bunch of things signed, he needs to finish answering his questions and do his autobiography and we need to gather all our proof of insurances.  Make copies of everything and we can go turn it in!  Yay!!!

I hope all is well with you all and Congratulations to all the new Mama’s out there.  I’m super happy for you all!

Lots of Love~Dawn

7 thoughts on “Seriously Love my Nieces

  1. It sounds like you have a lot going on. First I am sorry that your family is anticipating another loss. It seems like you guys have had to say goodbye to your family and friends too much lately. Please know you are in my thoughts.
    Second, J sounds so amazing with your niece, he is going to make a great daddy!! 🙂
    And that brings me to my third point, so great to hear that your adoption stuff just keep moving forward! Soon enough you will be holding your baby in your arms! 🙂
    Fourth, good to hear about the intimacy side of things returning! I love the things we share in the IF world!
    Fifth, I hope I didn’t miss commenting on anything, but something tells me I did. Anyways, I really am wishing you the best and enjoy the concert on Saturday!

    • Thank you! We have had a lot of loss, but this will be the first person on my side in the cycle of loss we seem to be in. Hopefully, this will be the last one for a good long while. And yes, J is going to be an Amazing Daddy. He is so good with kids. I actually thinks he’s better with them than I am, especially the little ones. It is funny what we share in the IF world. You guys are the only ones that even know that there was a loss of intimacy and the only ones I know that would cheer for it coming back. 🙂

  2. So sorry to hear about your uncle. Losing family is never easy. It sounds, though, like you have a lot of positive momentum building in your life as well, so congrats on all of those things moving forward!

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