Sorry for Disappearing

First off, Thank you so much for all your condolences.  They are so appreciated!  Uncle Tom’s “Celebration of Life” was this past Tuesday.  It was definitely hard to watch my Aunt and Cousins have to say that final goodbye.  I got to see a lot of family that we only seem to see at funerals these days so it was nice to catch up.

This past weekend, J and I had tickets to see Kenny Chesney and Jason Aldean at Lambeau Field in Green Bay.  If you don’t know, this is the Green Bay Packers stadium and the happiest place on earth for any Packer Fan, even if it’s not for a game!  🙂  I got J the tickets for his birthday and it was a nice weekend away.  One of the best we’ve had in a very long time.  Here’s a few pics:



Waiting for Jason Aldean to start!



The pups stayed with Grandma (my Mom) for the weekend.  This is on the ride home.  Our little family minus the kitties!

My last daycare kiddo to leave has his last day tomorrow and I also start my 3 week vacation.  We have no set plans at this time, but I’m super excited to just have some time off.  We got the letter from our health insurance today about the questions the adoption agency had for them so I’m hoping we’ll be able to get everything turned in next week.  I’ve been keeping up with all your blogs even if I haven’t been commenting.  Things have just been busy with meetings and getting our rental house ready for the new renters on Sunday.  J also has been taking on a ton of mowing and tree trimming jobs so it feels like I see him even less than I do during the school year.  The man has no clue how to relax and slow down!

Hope you are all well!

Lots of Love~Dawn

10 thoughts on “Sorry for Disappearing

    • He’s amazing! This is the 2nd time we’ve seen him a Lambeau (the first time was with Zac Brown Band and Billy Currington). I wasn’t that excited about Jason Aldean because I didn’t realize I knew so many of his songs. Ended up being awesome and I knew all but one, lol.

      • Two of the times we went to see him, Lady Antebellum was supposed to be there, and both times they flaked. The last time we saw him, Kid Rock started the show. It was an… interesting combo.

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