The ABC’s of Me

Good Morning!  I’ve been following Erica at Looking to the Stars over on Bloglovin’ for awhile now.  I don’t follow a ton of blogs that aren’t about ttc, but she is one of the few I do follow.  She did an ABC’s of Me post and it looked like fun.  Especially since I don’t have a ton to write about right now regarding ttc/adoption.  So here we go:

A- Age:  I just turned 38 in March.

B- Biggest fear:  Losing my Mom.
C- Current Time: 10:32am central time 🙂
D- Drink you last had: Drinking my morning dose of coffee right now!
E- Easiest Person To Talk To: My Mom
F- Favorite song:  I don’t really have one.  I have been singing the “Wicked” soundtrack a lot lately.  That and RENT are my favorite musicals.


G- Grossest Memory:  Hmmm….I’m a daycare provider.  I guess you can take your pick of the number of times I’ve had poop or puke on me, lol.

H- Hometown:  Tomah, WI…where the I divides, home of the Grand National Tractor Pull and Gateway to Cranberry Country.J- Jealous Of:  women who are over 5’4 (I’m 5’1) and that have small calves.  Mine are huge and it’s hard to find boots that will zip up and not be tight.
K- Killed Someone:  nope…a skunk once…that smelled great!
L- Longest Relationship: 5 years….I can’t wait until J and I have hit that milestone in November and he can officially be my longest relationship instead of my ass of an ex.
M- Middle Name: Catherine
N- Number of Siblings: 2 Sisters

O- One Wish:  To be a Mommy
P- Person who you last called: Mom
Q- Question you’re always asked:  Do you guys have any kids?
R- Reason to live:  my Family.  God seriously blessed me in that department!
S- Song you last sang: Idk…it was either something country or from Wicked radio on Pandora, lol.

T- Time you woke up:  9:00am…I actually slept in today…Yay!
U- Underwear Color:  cream
V- Vacation Destination:  After much back and forth and big vacation plans cancelled, I think we are just going to do a day here and there out on various lakes or rivers around us.  I would rather put any money we have right now towards projects around the house vs. lodging somewhere.
W- Worst Habit: Food, Food, Food.
X- Xrays you’ve had: Oh geez…I’ve had various sprains throughout the year and several for my back.  I had scoliosis and was in a pretty harsh car accident in 2005.
Y- Your favorite food: Pizza and taco dip.
Z- Zodiac Sign: Pisces

What are your ABC’s?

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