It’s Been Awhile….

Closing on week 2 of vacation and it’s going by way too quickly.  This week brought many projects (most of which were not on our list), our first nursery purchase, setting an appt. with the adoption agency next week,  a really good talk with my SIL (which is rare), getting the convertible back (finally), and we’re finishing up with a Birthday party for my MIL this evening.

First things first, projects:  The bedroom that our roommate uses in the basement has been getting water for awhile now.  We’ve tried drying things up and it just wasn’t working.  On top of that, she had locked the cats in her room on accident several times in the past so they had peed in there and her room just stunk.  We pulled the wainscoting off and there was mold behind it so we yanked out the carpet and cut out the dry wall along the bottom of the wall that was getting wet.  Put some fans on it to dry it up and a de-humidifier in there to soak up the moisture.  It was dry by the next day so the next thing was figuring out why we’re getting water.  J went out and pulled the tops of the gutters off and concluded that was the problem.  He got everything sorted out and we added dirt and mulch graded out in that corner.  We got a ton of rain one night after everything was pulled out and the gutters were taken care of and no water so I think we got the problem solved.

Side note:  I can’t remember if I put this in my last post, but the cats have gone to live with my Mom (Bless her heart).  She already had 4 and now she took my 3.  I’m happy to report that after a week, they are slowly getting acclimated and she thinks they’ll do just fine there and we’ll have completely different cats then we did when we took them there.

We also had to Bandit proof the yard this week.  We should have named him Houdini because the damn dog can get through anything.  We laid cement blocks and landscape timbers along the bottom of the fence (it’s black galvanized chain link) because he was pushing on the bottom until he could wiggle through.  We cable tied the landscape timbers to the fence so he couldn’t just push behind them to get out.  I think for now anyways, it’s working.

J also started getting the garage cleaned out and in order.  He’s been slowly insulating it and hanging plyboard and shelves up for organizing all his stuff.  There is still sooooo much to get done and I only have a week left of vacation.  We need to get the basement cleaned out, stain the deck, power wash the house, finish painting the shutters, front door and garage doors.  I also wanted to paint the living room and kitchen but I don’t know if I’ll get that done.  We also have a new toilet and sink to install in the master bath.  And we need to add having a day or 2 of fun in there since it is my vacation, lol.

Sunday night, we went and dropped off the carpet and drywall at my Mom’s house for big pickup day (our town doesn’t have them) and dropped of the loveseat and a mower to our renters.  We brought the boat and went to the WI river for a little boating.  On our way back home, we stopped at Walmart to pick up a few things and as we walked by the baby department, we saw this:


Our very first big nursery purchase.  It’s super comfy and we got the chair and ottoman for $130.  Normally, when I’ve seen them, the ottoman costs extra but this was one price for both and I think we got a great deal.  We’ve also got J’s Grandma’s hutch down in our basement.  It needs to be re-finished and then we are going to put that in the nursery as a dresser/changing table piece.  I also made an appointment with our adoption agency to meet Tuesday morning to turn in all our paperwork.  I can’t wait for that step to be finished.

Right now, we’ve been on good terms with J’s Sister and we ended up having a really great talk yesterday about Food addictions, whole 30 and workouts.  I think we talked for a good hour on the phone which rarely happens.  We also finally got the convertible back.  That has been such a huge fiasco.  The first place we took it to had it for over a month and both times we picked it up from there, it immediately broke down again, like J didn’t even get all the way across the highway from the place and it broke down.  We got a refund from the place and had it towed elsewhere.  They had it for a week and lo and behold, it was the head gasket just like we’d been saying.  They got it fixed up in a week so now it’s back and we can hopefully get it sold!  We are also having a 55th Birthday party for J’s Mom tonight.  It’s been chaos and arguing as any event seems to be with them, but hopefully, it’ll work out and everyone will have fun tonight.

I hope everyone is doing well and you’re enjoying your summers.

Lots of Love~Dawn

6 thoughts on “It’s Been Awhile….

  1. Wow, it sounds like your vacation has been busy!! Dealing with the water issue is great because now you wont have to worry about mold. And, the fact that the cats are settling in with your mom is also great! Oh, and that glider is so cute! I’m so excited for the day that you get to use it with your little one. I hope you have enjoy the rest of your vacation! 🙂

    • Thank you! It’s been a little too busy and I’m not looking forward to it ending. Especially knowing that I’m ending my vacation to make a minimal amount of money only caring for one kiddo. I’m getting a little nervous for Fall! Really hope I get some calls soon. I’d really like to start building our savings back up very soon!

    • Awww…I’ve been thinking about you too. Loving all the pics you’ve been posting on FB. It has been productive but we need to try and fit a little more fun in. I maybe shouldn’t have said we shouldn’t go away for a few days but there’s just so much to do around here and we constantly come up with more projects, lol. Hope your summer is going well!!!

  2. Thank you so much! It’s a sad day when you become adult enough that sometimes vacation means getting much needed projects done around the house, lol. I’m anxiously awaiting to hear news on Luke. Hope you’re doing well!

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