Truth ~ Part 1

As I sit here on my last official morning of vacation (because I always have weekends off), I’m reflecting on the last 3 weeks and life in general.

Truth:  I didn’t get nearly as much done these last 3 weeks as I would’ve liked.  I didn’t get all the projects done.  We never made it to the Dells to just enjoy a day together.  We didn’t go up North (totally my choice, but still).  I didn’t work on my diet and I didn’t work out, other than being more active because of all the projects.  Here is what we did get done though:

Tore out the bottom drywall in E’s (roommate) room.  Tore out the carpet, painted and resurrected the wall.  Moved all her stuff back in.  Here’s the finished project for now.  We will put in nicer flooring at some point, but she’s not exactly careful with our stuff, so we’re just not ready to spend that money yet.

IMG_4278  IMG_4287  beforeIMG_4314after

Everything else (except the unfinished basement part, which isn’t quite done), I totally forgot to do before and after photos of…hate it when I do that!


Imagine this desk piled sky high with stuff.  So much stuff I could barely close the roll top and I had stuff all over the top of it too.  Yep, got this all cleaned off yesterday and filed everything that needed to be filed!  Oh, and the shelf above the desk was also terrible.  Full of even more wires and boxes then you see now.  We paused our Direct TV subscription for 2 months and decided to try out Apple TV….OMGosh…….BEST THING EVER!!!  I get to watch Netflix and HuluPlus without plugging my computer to TV now (which totally wasn’t working well to begin with).  I highly recommend it.  We also decided we’d get a Roku 3 because you can stream Amazon Prime with that and you can’t with Apple TV.  We were going to put it in the basement for E, but I liked it so much that we put that in our bedroom, Apple TV in the living room and we got the Roku stick for down in the basement.  We also got a digital antenna so we will hopefully get most of the Packer games come fall.  All in all, we spent less than $250 on it all.  That’s less than we would pay for 3 months of direct tv.  We pay $15/month for our subscriptions to netflix and huluplus.

There are some definite downsides.  Totally missing Fixer Upper on HGTV.  I do get some HGTV shows through Hulu so I’m not going through total withdrawal, but I do miss Chip and Joanna.  Also, come Christmas Season, I don’t know if I’ll be able to get the Hallmark movies.  I’m hoping I can find away though.  Otherwise, the pups and I will be spending hunting season at my Mom’s so I can watch them, lol.

IMG_4312 IMG_4313

Now imagine this room with piles of clothes on the floor, stuff all over the dresser and books all over the floor by the bed.  Over where J’s chair (ugly thing he brought home from a rummage sale and absolutely loves) was a huge wire rack with my Thirty One stuff, movies, and an assortment of who knows what on it.  That got moved to the basement and we brought J’s gun cabinet up.  J hung up shelves (he found these remnants of counter tops at Menard’s for $1.49 for a 4 ft. section.  If you come over, you will spy them all over now.  Shelves in the bedroom, garage and basement so far.  🙂

Basement, oh the basement.  This has been on my list of projects for a long while now!  Everything just gets thrown into the unfinished part or the garage (which drives J nuts!  He’s very into an organized garage.)  We started working on it yesterday afternoon.  First we cleared off all the shelves in the finished area, set up the roku stick, hooked up the wii and xbox downstairs, and anchored the bookcases on either side of the tv to the wall.  It looks so much better and I’m so happy with it!  Then we actually took a break to go to J’s co-workers house because his wife just stopped doing daycare and they were letting us come early to shop her rummage sale.  Got some cute stuff for the kiddos.  We then went to Menard’s and grabbed some food.  It was 10pm when we got home and we were just starting the unfinished area.  I said we were staying up til it was done, but at 3am, we threw in the towel.  J’s leg was really hurting, my feet and all the rest of me were tired and he had to get up at a decent time today to mow lawns.  I’m going to work on it again today and can’t wait to show you before and after photos.

We also bought my Mom a stove from a neighbor (2 of her burners rarely work), so we surprised her with that Tuesday night and J also fixed the soffet on her front porch for her.  There were major bird’s nests in there and also a couple of old bee hives.

So, what could possibly be left on our list…oh, so much stuff.  Off the top of my head we need to:

Finish the basement.

Put the carpet in the playroom (we’ve had it for almost 3 years now).

Install the new toilet and sink/countertop in the Master bath.

Spray paint the rest of the shutters blue.

Paint the brick on the front of our house.

Stain the deck.

Also added to the list last night……an egress window!  We had a company come out yesterday to give us an estimate and as usual, J has decided it’s too high and he’ll just do it himself with the help of some friends.  As usual, this makes me very nervous since it’s a really huge project, but everything else he’s put his mind to and done himself has pretty much worked out so I will have faith this will to.

I am also going to turn an old entertainment center into a play kitchen.  I will definitely make sure I do before and after’s of that.

Okay, this post is now way longer than I had originally planned and I have at least 2 more Truth’s to tell you so I guess this is going to be a series of posts now.  Stay tuned for the next one!

Lots of Love~Dawn

16 thoughts on “Truth ~ Part 1

  1. WOW! That is quite a list! It must feel good to have accomplished as much as you did though. I find when I go to just reorganize or clean something up it takes forever! Can’t wait to hear about your other two truths! xoxo

  2. I always feel like I didn’t accomplish everything I wanted too, but when you write it all down you realize how much stuff you actually did complete. You got so much done!! Great job.

    • Haha, Thank you! J is itching to get his garage isolated and organized but things we hadn’t planned on keep popping up and getting in his way. I’m hoping to have a few more things crossed off that list before the home study.

  3. This post is amazing. You guys got so much done. There are always a million projects to do when you own a home. But, it sounds like you’re off to a great start. Now I feel like Hubby and I need a staycation too.

  4. That’s a huge list of things to accomplish! I think a lot of us are that way, make a giant list and never get through it all. I always overestimate what I can get done if I have a few hours to myself. I purposely took the week after Labor Day off to try to tackle some projects, we shall see.

    I love that your husband is so handy with stuff and wants to do it on his own. My husband will do basic things but when I think we can do something on our own he talks me out of it. It’s so frustrating at times!

  5. We have an Apple TV and we love it too. I can send some sites where you can stream cable shows to your TV if you would like me to. We also have a Chrome Cast for our bedroom and we love that too. It works the same as the Apple TV and the Roku.

    You should be really proud of everything you did get done. It sounds like it was a lot.

    Thanks for your supportive comment on my last post. That really means a lot. I was so glad to read your newest post and know I am not alone in my heatheness.

    • That would be awesome…Thank you! And you’re very welcome…you are definitely not alone. That’s the thing I love most about our blogging community. The loneliness goes away while reading everyone’s stories.

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