Convertible is officially Kaput!

As J was on his way to yet another funeral (his Great-Aunt this time), the convertible died a 3rd time (Thank God we got Triple A after the first incident).  This time, it’s dead and gone.  It would need a whole new engine, not to mention the exhaust and rear brakes need to be fixed.  Problem is, there’s no way we can get out from under the damn thing.  I have no idea what we’re going to do.  We’ve listed it on craigslist and eBay as basically, a mechanic’s special, but we’re not going to get close to what we owe on it.  We bought it last year for $5200, it’s on the same loan as our truck and we owe just under $10,000 for both.  Fantastic news when I still haven’t gotten anymore daycare kids for fall.  😦

18 thoughts on “Convertible is officially Kaput!

  1. Me too! I would love watching your little peanut…she is so adorable! J would like to move South…we just have to find him a phy ed/health job there and find a way for me to be okay with moving away from my Mom and Sisters, lol.

  2. Oh sweetie, I am so sorry!! This is just the worst news ever! Like thebarrenlibrarian, I too with you lived here, we’ve just had the realization that we are going to be screwed for childcare because we cannot register for any waiting lists and I’m not taking a traditional maternity leave now that I’m working for myself. Any chance you want to relocate? I know this doesn’t help, but please know I’m sending you so much love!
    Also, have you thought about doing another adoption fundraiser to help with those bills at least? If you do, send me the link!!

    • Thank you so much! And that sucks about the childcare thing. Are the waiting lists typically really long there? I seriously need to just figure out how to clone myself, lol. Let me tell you though, if WI Governor gets elected President next year, we will relocate to Canada. I won’t be able to handle living in the US and watching him ruin it the way he’s ruined our state! I haven’t figured out our next fundraiser yet, but I should get working on that. I know we are going to put out a donation can at our rummage sale next month that we’re doing at my Mom’s. Thank you for the love, my friend! It is always so appreciated!!!

      • Evidently the good child care places here have people signing up while they are pregnant, and the kids don’t start going until they are 12 months old because almost everyone gets 12 month maternity leave. We want 2 days a week child care almost immediately. We are screwed, or so our friends tell us. I figure it’s just another adoption hurdle

    • Oh boy…do you have any Stay at home friends that would be willing to do the care possibly or maybe even trade care if that’s a possibility? Good luck…I often think about closing down and going to get a job outside of the home, and if we weren’t adopting, I might. But it’s just too much work for me to find somebody amazing to care for my child when it’s all I’ve ever done up to this point and financially, probably pointless for us too.

      • For now we are just ignoring the problem, probably not the best approach, but without a date no-one seems to be able to function so we’ve found it pointless to investigate it any further right now.
        Also, I wanted to reiterate, if you do another adoption fund raiser you need share it on here I think a lot of us want to be able to help, even if it’s just a little bit.

  3. Too bad you don’t live closer, I married to a guy that can find parts for anything and knows how to do it all. I know he’d help you out. That totally sucks. Money worries are the worst!

  4. ahhh, that’s 3 different places I need to move to now! South to watch Charlie, North to take care of MPB’s baby when they’re matched and East to get my car fixed, lol. Too bad I can’t clone myself!

  5. That is terrible. I have had the worst luck with cars over the past few months too. We have literally spent 5k on both of our cars not including the stupid speeding ticket I got. I also had a tire ruined last week which thank goodness was actually under warranty. I am just so over spending thousands on unexpected car issues! I really feel for you!!!!

    • Thank you! I really have to keep my thoughts quiet on this one because I didn’t even want that stupid car. J and the salesmen talked me into it so I have to make sure I don’t accidentally say, I told you so!

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