Endo Sucks!

J and I went in to meet with my RE this morning.  The last 3-4 months at least, my mid cycle cramping has gotten really bad again.  It starts right after I ovulate and lasts for a week to a week and a half.  I get a few days off and the menstrual cramping starts.  So much fun I tell ya.  On top of that, I get up around midnight and 3am pretty much every night to go to the bathroom because it’s most likely covering my bladder again.

She gave us a few options because she normally does not like doing surgery again this quickly, but thinks it grew back this fast because of the miscarriage.  Apparently, the surge of estrogen in early pregnancy can make it grow when you don’t carry it to term to get the rest of the hormones you get in pregnancy.

Option 1:  Go on birth control.  Obviously, this defeats the purpose of trying to get pregnant and it also only helps while I’m on it.  As soon as I’m off, the pain will be back.

Option 2:  Take Lupron injections for the next 6 months.  Again, this suppresses pregnancy but it is also supposed to help with endometriosis so I could be better off in 6 months when I’m done with them.

Option 3:  Surgery.

The votes are in and have been tallied and we all picked Option 3.  J wants me to feel better asap.  I was going to wait until Christmas vacation so I didn’t have to worry about subs for daycare, but he doesn’t want me to wait that long.  I just want to be out of pain again for awhile (at least mostly) and neither of us want to take away the ability to get pregnant.  Dr. R also thinks it’s the best option for us because we did get pregnant about 6 months after the last surgery and she also doesn’t want to suppress pregnancy right now.

I’m on CD20 and surgery has been scheduled for Sept. 11th.  Mom’s been called to come in and sub, J will put in to be off for it tomorrow, and I just need to figure out a couple more things.  One is that I forgot at the time that it’s opening day for bow season on the 12th and J has been gearing up for it for awhile now.  I think as long as someone takes the dogs, I will be fine on my own.  I remember the worst part last time was the stupid gas that gets left in and there’s nothing anyone can do about that so it makes no sense for J to stay home if we can find a place for the dogs to go.  I also just need to make sure that the 7 mo old that’s starting is the following week after surgery because my pre op appt. is on the 10th and if I just have my little one from the summer like I think, his Mom can just drop him off at my Mom’s for the morning so Mom doesn’t have to drive all the way here.  Nothing can be easy, right?!

So, that’s it…Just call me “The Surgery Queen”, lol.

Weekend Update 8/28-8/30

Happy Sunday, Everyone…I hope y’all had a great weekend!

J and I had a somewhat exciting weekend.  Friday night it was pouring!  Well, it was pretty much pouring rain for most of the day which made for good naps for the kids and a cozy afternoon for me.  We were going to go the high school football game, but didn’t feel like sitting out there after all the rain came through.  Instead, J grabbed a couple of movies at Redbox and he chose pretty well.

A little confusing at times, but good none the less.  Especially if you don't mind staring at one Bradley Cooper for a little while! ;)

A little confusing at times, but good none the less. Especially if you don’t mind staring at one Bradley Cooper for a little while! 😉


That Nicholas Sparks gets me every damn time! I did fall asleep briefly in the middle, but fantastic anyways. Of course, I’m a complete sucker for Rom Coms and Clint Eastwood’s son is no slouch in the looks department!

Saturday, we had Packer tickets to the first home game of the football season.  Unfortunately, we had a lot of people out on injuries and therefore Rodgers didn’t even play, nor did Tolzien (sp?) so we got totally trounced!  However, our seats were bloody FANTASTIC!!!  8th row in the corner of the end zone…hell yeah!  And we got them for a great price off Craigslist.  We asked some friends that were also one of my former daycare parents to go with us so it was nice to spend some time with them.  We also did a little tailgating before hand with a bunch of people!

On our way into the Stadium.

On our way into the Stadium.

This is how close to the field we were.  Love that the Pack uses the area HS cheerleaders instead of professionals!

This is how close to the field we were. Love that the Pack uses the area HS cheerleaders instead of professionals!


Enjoying the game, even while losing!


Good times, Great Friends!

After we got home at 2:30am (Thanks to J!  And I mean that in a good way because he drove most of the way.), we got up this morning to get ready for a birthday party at my Mom’s this afternoon.  My Sister, Niece, Mom and Nephew all have August Birthdays so today we finally celebrated.  I would show some pics but I seriously hate the photos program on my Mac because it is just stupid and difficult most of the time.  I really need to take it in and get it looked at.  It was an enjoyable afternoon though with delicious food, lots of laughs, and love.

We are one week into our wait and this is what occupies my time:


I am almost done with the 4th season and I’m so screwed when it’s over.  We have months possibly years of being on pins and needles, waiting for that phone call, and I’m sick of it after a week and almost done watching GG.  This show makes me forget all my problems and I totally get sucked in and lose track of all else.  I’ve even got J watching it with me when we go to bed!

So, that was our weekend.  Tomorrow is my last easy day (I also have an appt with my RE about the endo so I’ll let you know how that goes.).  Although we need the money, I am not looking forward to mostly new kids and figuring out a new schedule and how these kiddos tick and all that fun stuff.  Especially with different ages coming in now.

Have a great week!

Lots of Love~Dawn

Adoption Fundraiser

I’ve had a request to share our GoFundMe campaign so I’ve added a new page to my blog, called “Adoption Fundraisers”.  I’ve added the link to our GoFundMe campaign there and I will also use that page to add any other fundraisers we may do and also keep you updated on where we’re at in our efforts as we begin to apply for grants also.  Thank you so much for all your love and support.  I don’t know what I would do without all of my Sisters!

Guilt and Gratitude

Mom guilt…it’s very real even when your child is not on this earth with you.  Sunday, August 23rd was our due date and the day came and went without me even remembering what day it was.  In fact, I had a fantastic day that day and when I realized it yesterday, I cried.  I can’t believe that I didn’t remember what day it was.  I should have done something in remembrance of our baby.

Despite feeling guilt right now, I’m also feeling immense gratitude.  A friend of mine messaged me this morning asking me to call him when I had 30 seconds.  This man is one of the sweetest, kindest men I know and is constantly doing good in our hometown community.  Each Fall, he does a Packer board to raise money for Alzheimer’s because his father had it.  Today, he asked if he could do a Packer board for us instead this year.  Tears of gratitude sprang forth.  He put this status up a little bit ago and the response has been wonderful:

Around this time every year, I run a Packer board to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Association, and because of my amazing friends over the last few years we have raised over $8000 for the cause. Don’t know why, but dad and the topic of Alzheimer’s has been on my mind a lot lately. I was thinking about what it is I was going to do this year when I read a post from a friend of mine, Dawn . Dawn and her husband J, have tried everything in their power, including tremendously expensive procedures, to have a family of their own, and it just hasn’t worked for them. Honestly, I know J only from what I read and see on Facebook, but I have known Dawn for years, and I know that, if any 2 people are prepared and deserving to shower the love of a family on a child, it is them.
I am the youngest of 10 kids and I love my parents eternally, and wouldn’t trade being raised by them for anything in this world…all children deserve the opportunity for that kind of love. I know family was important to my dad, and he would support this 100%…and would do whatever he could to help….that is why I am foregoing the Alzheimer’s board this year and directing it toward this cause.
I think J & Dawn deserve the opportunity to show their unending love to a child…and at this point they are faced with a bill of $8500 to continue in the adoption process. I am hoping you will support this years fundraiser, which will benefit not only J & Dawn, but that unknown child that is so deserving of their love.
I am in the process of acquiring prizes for a Packer board that will raise $2500 for this family and will let you know when the $25 squares go on sale. If you know anyone that would like to donate a prize or be part of this, please let me know…MUCH LOVE TO YOU ALL!!

God truly does answer prayers in the most spectacular ways!

Lots of Love~Dawn

Weekend Recap 8/21-8/23

In an effort to encourage us to take more pictures and be more present on our days off, I am going to start doing a weekend recap each Monday.  This weekend was a great one!

Friday night~Not much happened.  J and I actually argued a bit because he wanted to go play in a pool tournament and I felt like he’d rather be doing anything but hanging out with me.  He did end up going and I had a quiet night on the couch with the pups; reading and watching some tv.

Saturday~We hosted a BBQ.  We try to have one at least once a summer and hadn’t had a chance to have any this year.  Quite a few people showed up and they were from all different groups of people so it was actually a bit difficult trying to make sure you got in time with everyone.  It brought me back to our Wedding day all over again, lol.  A great time was had by all though.  I brought the camera out but forgot to take pics during the actual party but here are some before and afters.

J and I before the party got going.

J and I before the party got going.

Bandit was tuckered out after being picked up (and dropped), chased and loved  on by several children.

Bandit was tuckered out after being picked up (and dropped), chased and loved on by several children.


You know it was a good party when all the empty crockpots and dishes are sitting on the counter the next morning!

You know it was a good party when all the empty crockpots and dishes are sitting on the counter the next morning!

This is just the playroom on the first floor.  The basement playroom is destroyed too.  There were so many kids here and they clearly had a wonderful time, lol.

This is just the playroom on the first floor. The basement playroom is destroyed too. There were so many kids here and they clearly had a wonderful time, lol.

We also got to make this announcement after receiving this in the mail earlier that day:

Wahoo!!!!  We're live!!!!!

Wahoo!!!! We’re live!!!!!

Sunday~This was my favorite day of the weekend.  Seeing everyone on Saturday was fantastic but today was just J and I and it was sorely needed.  I woke up before him and had a couple cups of coffee while continuing to try and catch up on all your blogs.  I also had a good chat with my friend Tracy from CT.  When J got up we started cleaning up and getting the yard and kitchen all picked up.  We headed out to this little diner nearby for breakfast and then came home to watch our Pack!

This is the first time in I seriously don't know how long that J and I laid on the couch together.  Thank God for football season coming back!

This is the first time in I seriously don’t know how long that J and I laid on the couch together. Thank God for football season coming back!


Even Rocky was on the couch being lazy with us and watching the game.

Unfortunately, one of our very Best players, our beloved Jordy Nelson was injured right in the beginning of the game and if it’s as bad as they are speculating, it could seriously hurt our chances for a great season.  😦  Hopefully, he’s okay and back on the field soon.  We also ended up losing which totally sucked, but at least it’s pre-season.

2 of my 3 boys hugging it out.  :)

2 of my 3 boys hugging it out. 🙂

After the game (with a little nap during it), we finished cleaning up and then headed out on some errands.  We decided to stop by B-Dubs to grab some food to take home and found the best crowns there.  It’s been a long time since we’ve just let loose and gotten silly.


Long overdue silliness between the Buffalo Princess and the #1 Pick! Love this man!!!

As the summer comes to a close (J heads back into school tomorrow to start meetings and preparing for students), this weekend was just what we needed.  I hope y’all had a great weekend also!

Lots of Love~Dawn

in the wait.

Just pre-ordered my copy! Can’t wait to have this book in my hands!! So excited for you Chelsea!

Trials Bring Joy

IT’S HERRRRRE! Oh, guys, God is so good! I am so excited to share with you that the In The Wait devotional has officially launched for preorder sales!

Let’s back up! Did you know that I have been part of an amazing team of women – all talented, godly, fantastic writers – who have been able (through God’s grace) put into words what we have been learning through the seasons of waits life has to offer. If you are anything like me, you know that our lives seem to weave in and out of these seasons. Waiting for a spouse, kids, that right job opportunity. Waiting for your business to launch or your husband’s cancer to go into remission. It may be a an exciting wait! The wedding day is drawing near, your book is launching, you’re about ready to close on your new house! Perhaps it’s an mildy annoying season, like…

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Sadly, we are not going to get to be foster parents at this time.  😦  I’m kind of surprised by how sad I am about it because, Lord knows, life is crazy as is, but I am. Apparently, the 5 yr old is staying in her current placement.  Not sure what’s going to happen with the 17 yr old yet but she has a court date this afternoon and it’s sounding like she wouldn’t be placed here but I guess I can’t say we’re 100% sure.  So that’s it, just wanted to give you all an update on what happened.


So, I’ve seen quite a few people doing these “currently” posts and since I have so, so, so much to catch you all up on, I thought I’d do it in that format.  So Ladies and Gentlemen, grab a drink (coffee, tea, wine, beer…it’s up to you) and come for a ride I call “My Crazy Life”.

Currently, I am still way behind on reading your blogs.  I am so sorry.  I’m getting through them as fast as I can but am rarely commenting which I hate.  When I do comment, it’s like a week or 2 after you’ve posted.

Currently, I still have not managed to do any posts on the Young Living Conference, but let it be said that it was an amazing time.  I learned so much that I’m excited to share with you all and I’m already signed up for next year’s conference in Utah.

Currently, we are so very, very close to be “officially” waiting for our adoption placement.  When I got back from Dallas, I had a week to get the house cleaned up and our profile book done because even though it didn’t have to be, I wanted it done by home study day which was the 13th.  I finished late on the 12th and ran out early on the 13th to get 2 colored copies made of it.  Our home study went quickly.  I think they were in and out in under an hour.  We had our 2 days of classes this past Monday and Tuesday that the state of WI requires.  It was very informative and we met some fantastic adopting couples that will help in the support category.  They also gave us a copy of our home study to read through and check for accuracy.  Our foster license has actually already been sent out and our profile should go live either tomorrow or next Friday.  EEEK!!!! 🙂

The pages of our Profile book.

The pages of our Profile book.

Currently, we very unexpectedly are about to become foster parents of a 5 yr old girl and possibly her 17 yr old Sister.  We got a call yesterday from J’s cousin saying that his ex-girlfriend was unable to keep her children at this time (only the 5 yr old is his) and that he doesn’t have room because he’s already got his 2 youngest kids in his 1 br. apt.   We checked with our Social Worker to see if that was even something we were allowed to do as we await placement and it is.  J spoke with the kid’s social worker again this morning and it sounds like the 5 yr old will be dropped off some time today, but the 17 yr old is refusing to come.  The social worker said that there is a court hearing tomorrow at 1pm where the judge will more than likely force her to stay here.  I think the only alternative might be a group home and I’m not entirely positive we have any of those around here.  Anyways, our lives are about to get a lot more hectic and we have a lot to figure out.  This just came about yesterday so it’s happening super quickly.

Needless to say, I am currently feeling slightly overwhelmed by what’s gone down this week, but I hope that we can give these girls some stability and show them unconditional love.  I hope that the 17 yr old will ultimately come and be with us.  It’s going to be hard work, but I hope that we can show her another way to live life that what she currently knows and give her the consistency and stability that she needs but will I’m sure fight us on, at least in the beginning.

So, that’s what is currently happening in my life right now.  I’m sure there’s other stuff, but those are the important things.  I hope you are all well.  I hope that I get caught up with you soon so that I’m commenting in real life time again!  🙂

Lots of Love~Dawn

Update:  The Girl’s social worker left a message for J saying that she would not be coming tonight and she’s not sure what exactly is happening now.  She said she’d call us tomorrow as soon as she had more information so maybe we won’t be fostering after all.

Catch Up

Hi Ladies,

Due to the Young Living Conference last week and getting ready for our home study this week, I’m seriously behind on reading your blogs or doing any kind of decent posts on my own.  I’m hoping after the 18th (home study is on the 13th, adoption classes are all day long on the 17th and 18th), I will finally be able to catch up.  I hope you are all well!  Prayers please that everything goes smoothly on Thursday!

Lots of Love~Dawn