So, I’ve seen quite a few people doing these “currently” posts and since I have so, so, so much to catch you all up on, I thought I’d do it in that format.  So Ladies and Gentlemen, grab a drink (coffee, tea, wine, beer…it’s up to you) and come for a ride I call “My Crazy Life”.

Currently, I am still way behind on reading your blogs.  I am so sorry.  I’m getting through them as fast as I can but am rarely commenting which I hate.  When I do comment, it’s like a week or 2 after you’ve posted.

Currently, I still have not managed to do any posts on the Young Living Conference, but let it be said that it was an amazing time.  I learned so much that I’m excited to share with you all and I’m already signed up for next year’s conference in Utah.

Currently, we are so very, very close to be “officially” waiting for our adoption placement.  When I got back from Dallas, I had a week to get the house cleaned up and our profile book done because even though it didn’t have to be, I wanted it done by home study day which was the 13th.  I finished late on the 12th and ran out early on the 13th to get 2 colored copies made of it.  Our home study went quickly.  I think they were in and out in under an hour.  We had our 2 days of classes this past Monday and Tuesday that the state of WI requires.  It was very informative and we met some fantastic adopting couples that will help in the support category.  They also gave us a copy of our home study to read through and check for accuracy.  Our foster license has actually already been sent out and our profile should go live either tomorrow or next Friday.  EEEK!!!! 🙂

The pages of our Profile book.

The pages of our Profile book.

Currently, we very unexpectedly are about to become foster parents of a 5 yr old girl and possibly her 17 yr old Sister.  We got a call yesterday from J’s cousin saying that his ex-girlfriend was unable to keep her children at this time (only the 5 yr old is his) and that he doesn’t have room because he’s already got his 2 youngest kids in his 1 br. apt.   We checked with our Social Worker to see if that was even something we were allowed to do as we await placement and it is.  J spoke with the kid’s social worker again this morning and it sounds like the 5 yr old will be dropped off some time today, but the 17 yr old is refusing to come.  The social worker said that there is a court hearing tomorrow at 1pm where the judge will more than likely force her to stay here.  I think the only alternative might be a group home and I’m not entirely positive we have any of those around here.  Anyways, our lives are about to get a lot more hectic and we have a lot to figure out.  This just came about yesterday so it’s happening super quickly.

Needless to say, I am currently feeling slightly overwhelmed by what’s gone down this week, but I hope that we can give these girls some stability and show them unconditional love.  I hope that the 17 yr old will ultimately come and be with us.  It’s going to be hard work, but I hope that we can show her another way to live life that what she currently knows and give her the consistency and stability that she needs but will I’m sure fight us on, at least in the beginning.

So, that’s what is currently happening in my life right now.  I’m sure there’s other stuff, but those are the important things.  I hope you are all well.  I hope that I get caught up with you soon so that I’m commenting in real life time again!  🙂

Lots of Love~Dawn

Update:  The Girl’s social worker left a message for J saying that she would not be coming tonight and she’s not sure what exactly is happening now.  She said she’d call us tomorrow as soon as she had more information so maybe we won’t be fostering after all.

17 thoughts on “Currently….

  1. Oh my, this is so exciting about the adoption stuff. I’m smiling from ear to ear for you – seriously, you are almost really waiting!! And becoming unexpected foster parents, that’s amazing of you. Sending you love and lots of courage! You and J are truly amazing individuals.

  2. Sounds like there is a lot to contend with over in your neck of the woods! Hoping everything works out and gets settled with the fostering situation, but this all sounds like very exciting stuff!!! Lots of luck!

    • Thank you so much! I have to say I was a little disappointed when I found out that she wasn’t coming last night and that we may not get them at all now. Which is probably silly of me because our lives are crazy busy as is and adding a 5 yr old and 17 yr old to the mix will definitely bring on more. I just want those girls to have some stability and continuity in their lives and I know that we can do that for them.

  3. First, love that you did an update! I have been thinking about you! It must feel so great to get so many things checked off the list for your adoption. I am so excited for you guys! I hope everything works out with fostering and you get some clarity on what is going on. Thinking of you sweet friend!

  4. woah, so much going on for you guys…your profile book looks amazing, it looks like you have put so much time and beautiful loving energy into it 🙂 You are so amazing to offer to take in to your home your cousin’s g-f’s children! So lovely that you would do this despite everything else you have got going on.

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