Endo Sucks!

J and I went in to meet with my RE this morning.  The last 3-4 months at least, my mid cycle cramping has gotten really bad again.  It starts right after I ovulate and lasts for a week to a week and a half.  I get a few days off and the menstrual cramping starts.  So much fun I tell ya.  On top of that, I get up around midnight and 3am pretty much every night to go to the bathroom because it’s most likely covering my bladder again.

She gave us a few options because she normally does not like doing surgery again this quickly, but thinks it grew back this fast because of the miscarriage.  Apparently, the surge of estrogen in early pregnancy can make it grow when you don’t carry it to term to get the rest of the hormones you get in pregnancy.

Option 1:  Go on birth control.  Obviously, this defeats the purpose of trying to get pregnant and it also only helps while I’m on it.  As soon as I’m off, the pain will be back.

Option 2:  Take Lupron injections for the next 6 months.  Again, this suppresses pregnancy but it is also supposed to help with endometriosis so I could be better off in 6 months when I’m done with them.

Option 3:  Surgery.

The votes are in and have been tallied and we all picked Option 3.  J wants me to feel better asap.  I was going to wait until Christmas vacation so I didn’t have to worry about subs for daycare, but he doesn’t want me to wait that long.  I just want to be out of pain again for awhile (at least mostly) and neither of us want to take away the ability to get pregnant.  Dr. R also thinks it’s the best option for us because we did get pregnant about 6 months after the last surgery and she also doesn’t want to suppress pregnancy right now.

I’m on CD20 and surgery has been scheduled for Sept. 11th.  Mom’s been called to come in and sub, J will put in to be off for it tomorrow, and I just need to figure out a couple more things.  One is that I forgot at the time that it’s opening day for bow season on the 12th and J has been gearing up for it for awhile now.  I think as long as someone takes the dogs, I will be fine on my own.  I remember the worst part last time was the stupid gas that gets left in and there’s nothing anyone can do about that so it makes no sense for J to stay home if we can find a place for the dogs to go.  I also just need to make sure that the 7 mo old that’s starting is the following week after surgery because my pre op appt. is on the 10th and if I just have my little one from the summer like I think, his Mom can just drop him off at my Mom’s for the morning so Mom doesn’t have to drive all the way here.  Nothing can be easy, right?!

So, that’s it…Just call me “The Surgery Queen”, lol.

11 thoughts on “Endo Sucks!

  1. I’m so sorry Endo sucks so much – it is pure evil to have come back so fast. I know surgery comes with its risks, but it sounds like a far better option for your pain relief, hopefully in a few weeks the pain will subside and you will be ready to go go go 🙂

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