alright Peeps…here it is:

It is a very faint line.  I’m not getting too excited though because I did hop in the shower and may have slightly gone over the “10 minutes” you have to read it and it’s a cheap dollar store test.  (J says he’s not believing it until the 2 lines are the same color, lol.  He was having a hard time seeing that faint line.  He clearly doesn’t have our skill.)  Mamaetmaman warned me I’d drive myself crazy with the cheapie but I didn’t have a chance to get to another store last night.

So, although I’m not too excited, I am freaked out…like a lot!  It’s a holiday weekend…I don’t feel like I can just wait til Tuesday to see if the line gets darker before I call.  So what does a hyper sensitive infertile do?  I left a message on the nurse line begging for a progesterone prescription.  What’s really irritating is I found the old bottle and it just expired in August for getting the refills I never used!  I will keep you all updated…any prayers and good thoughts you could send in the mean time are greatly appreciated!!! 

Lots of Love~Dawn

39 thoughts on “Update

  1. Definitely a line there!!! I got a solid line on an FRER one day, and the next day I POA dollar store cheapie and it looked super faint. I freaked out, which is why I suggested you get the FRER instead. I found though, that the dollar store cheapies needed more time to show the ink though too. If you’ve got a faint line on the dollar store one… Sounds pretty good that you’re pregnant!!! Yay!!

  2. My husband was the same way with our faint line. He kept trying to tell me that the lines had to match, I “always” said the lines had to match, and he could not comprehend that the lines only have to match on the OPK not an HPT! Keep us posted about that Rx! Wishing you all the best and keeping everything crossed for you!

  3. That is a clear second line if you ask me! I say do everything in your power to get that prescription today, it wont hurt you to start it after ovulation so just do it! Sending you love and hoping you don’t feel compelled to pee on a thousand sticks in the next few days, maybe just one or two. 🙂
    P.S. I’m going to be without cellphone service this weekend, so I’ll be looking forward to catching up on when I get reconnected next week! Just know I’m sending you all kinds of love and best wishes!

  4. Positive!!!! Congrats! I squeeled when I read this. You could also try getting a digital to convince J. Don’t feel bad about pushing for the prescription. You’ve gotta to what’s right for you to protect your baby. Sending you so much positivity! This is very exciting 🙂

  5. OMG!!! Congrats. I remember my husband having the same response on our first couple tests. He refused to believe it was real until we saw a dark line. I really think it took him more until he heard the heart beat to even believe it. I am soooo excited for you. ❤ ❤ ❤ You should get a First Response stat!!!!!

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