It Is Finished….

Gilmore Girls, that is.  And I am so very sad about it.  It’s a little ridiculous how sad I am about it, but that show just does such a good job of taking my mind completely off of life.

Onto a new topic…what do you do when your safe place is no longer a safe place?  So, we had our first small group of the school year on Tuesday night.  Last year, it consisted of 5 couples and 2 single ladies.  Our small group leaders are the ones I told you about in the last post.  They’ve adopted 3 children through LSS and are now pregnant for the first time from their 2nd round of IVF this summer.  One couple has 2 girls and I’m pretty sure they’re done having children. Then there was a couple that had just gotten married last summer and then another couple was waiting to be placed and their son was born at the end of April.  Then there was us going through the adoption process.

It truly was a safe place because there was so many that resources for us for the adoption process.  Well, Tuesday night it was just our leaders, us, and the couple that have been married just over a year.  J and L announced that they were pregnant which I knew because she had told me already.  But then half way through the night, M announces that he and G are too (I had a feeling she was because I could see a tiny bump and well, us infertiles just have a sixth sense about these things).  The couple that adopted in April aren’t going to be back for now because they can’t find a sitter and the other couple didn’t deal with infertility and have 2 kids but their schedules don’t always let them be there.  So here’s me and J with 2 pregnant couples.  Needless to say, as soon as we got out to the car, I started bawling.  I was/am just so sad.  I am so happy for J and L, and M and G will be fantastic parents (although, I’m sorry, I’m just not quite as happy for them).  My safe place is now a place where I’ll be watching 2 beautiful baby bumps grow and I want that so badly.  I want to do IVF so badly.

J and L did their IVF down in Peoria, IL instead of the clinic near us because of her autoimmune disease.  I googled clinics in Peoria yesterday because they didn’t actually say the name and there’s one called SHER Fertility.  Anybody every heard of it?  Anyways, they do discounts for military, full time teachers, EMT, firefighters, police, and anyone with a combined income of $55,000 or less.  They also do the compassion care meds discount for those that qualify and medical financing.  None of which are available to us at our clinic nearby.  We would definitely have to sell the boat and motorcycle and this isn’t the best season to do it, but I think we’re going to research it a little more.  The only problem is that if we do get pregnant, then our agency makes us put our adoption on hold which I hate.  Wanting to be pregnant and go through that doesn’t change our minds at all about wanting to adopt.  We want to do both.

Oh well, this is really just the beginning stages of thinking and researching and we’ll need to pray about it too.  God will work the finances out if he wants us to pursue.

Oh, recovery is still going pretty well.  I over did it yesterday having 4 kiddos and had quite a bit of pain at the incision sites last night, but I’m feeling quite a bit better today and only have 1 kiddo for most of the day.  I hope all is well with everyone.  You’re all on my mind as you go through your pregnancies, treatments, adoptions and life in general!

Lots of Love~Dawn

12 thoughts on “It Is Finished….

  1. Ugh, I’m so sorry your safe place is no longer safe! I wish I had advice for what to do, but I am at a loss. This has happened to me several times as well and it sucks! I am happy for you that you found a place to get IVF that might be manageable financially, as I know you were really bummed you couldn’t try it. I have heard of Sher. I think he’s a pretty big name in the RE/RI field. I think Braverman worked for him for a while before he set out on his own.

  2. I am going to Sher st louis. I LOVE dr dayal. She’s doing my first micro ivf and is very optimistic about it. I have elevated natural killer cells which she believes is the main reason I have yet to see a positive pregnancy test after 2 full years of trying.
    Sher st louis also offers a micro ivf if you qualify. It depends on age, amh level and follicle count. Maybe one other thing, but I don’t remember what it is.
    I most definitely recommend Sher and even sher st louis with Dr dayal.

  3. Oh, that is really sad about your safe place. I hope that you can still enjoy being with those people even though it will be hard. And I hope you manage to find out more and make a decision about next steps! X

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