I’m Caught Up!!!!

Of course, I’ll probably get behind again this weekend, but hopefully not.

I have less than 3 hours of work left and I’m off to Old Navy to find some pants to wear this weekend and to pick out a birthday gift for my SIL.  Tonight we are going out with her and her husband to Outback for dinner and then to a comedy show for her birthday.

Tomorrow morning, I’m meeting up with a friend that I met while trying to find an infertility support group around here.  We’ll be meeting at Starbucks now that I’ve fallen in love with their peppermint Mochas.  In the early afternoon, we’ll drop the pups off at Mom’s house and head to Milwaukee for Garth Brooks.  So FREAKIN’ excited about this, especially after seeing him this past November and knowing how amazing his shows are.

Sunday will be spent driving home and probably getting ready for the week ahead.

I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!

Lots of Love~Dawn

11 thoughts on “I’m Caught Up!!!!

  1. We got majorly Blessed. I had bought WICKED tickets before I knew Garth was going to be there so we couldn’t afford to go. Then a friend of mine did a Packer board for us as a fundraiser for our adoption and the couple that won these tickets donated them to us.

  2. I always get behind during the week too. I follow some blogging beasts :). Your weekend sounds awesome. Who are going to see at the comedy show? We’re going to see Dave Chapelle tomorrow. I can’t wait! Enjoy Garth!

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