No Pregnancy For You

The pic says it all.  There is still an even fainter line than yesterday on the cheapie, but it’s showing up well after 2 minutes and is lighter each day so I’m guessing we’re dealing with a chemical.  I’ll test one more time Tuesday morning like they said.  I only have digitals left.  

So, I guess pregnancy is out and surgery for Friday is back in.  Lucky me…not!


ok, nothing on the Walgreen’s version of FRER and a aquifer on the cheapie.  I should have taken them at 4:30am when I woke up instead of 7:30.  I have a feeling of this anything? It will end up a chemical pregnancy, but we’ll see.


Got it!

Prescription for promethium has been called in and picked up along with a box of walgreen’s version of FRER and a box of clearblue digitals.  I’m taking it 3x daily and Dr. R said she was glad I called because she’s rather be safe then sorry.

Of course, I made the mistake of testing with a cheapie in the early afternoon and it was negative but I drink and pee a lot throughout the day and it is only cd24 so I’m really hoping it was just to diluted this afternoon to show up.  

I’m supposed to take an hpt Tuesday morning and if it’s still positive, I’ll go in for beta and progesterone blood work.


alright Peeps…here it is:

It is a very faint line.  I’m not getting too excited though because I did hop in the shower and may have slightly gone over the “10 minutes” you have to read it and it’s a cheap dollar store test.  (J says he’s not believing it until the 2 lines are the same color, lol.  He was having a hard time seeing that faint line.  He clearly doesn’t have our skill.)  Mamaetmaman warned me I’d drive myself crazy with the cheapie but I didn’t have a chance to get to another store last night.

So, although I’m not too excited, I am freaked out…like a lot!  It’s a holiday weekend…I don’t feel like I can just wait til Tuesday to see if the line gets darker before I call.  So what does a hyper sensitive infertile do?  I left a message on the nurse line begging for a progesterone prescription.  What’s really irritating is I found the old bottle and it just expired in August for getting the refills I never used!  I will keep you all updated…any prayers and good thoughts you could send in the mean time are greatly appreciated!!! 

Lots of Love~Dawn

Symptom Spotting

Along with Dr. Google, it is the curse of the Infertile.  And let me tell you, waiting for an adoption placement does not stop the symptom spotting.

Here’s the deal.  My boobs hurt.  My boobs hurt a lot.  And not just when I’m walking around or I press them, but when I’m just sitting here doing nothing and they just ache.  When something brushes against them…Wowza’s!!!  Now, achy boobs are an AF symptom…we all know this.  It was a symptom that I actually never used to have and once I did get this symptom, it was something that came on a week to a few days before AF reared her ugly head.  Except for once.  Once, my boobs got super achy and hurt like an SOB pretty much the whole 2nd half of my cycle and that is the one and only cycle I was for sure pregnant.  But now, this is happening twice, because it is occurring right now.  I’m on cd23 and they have been in so much pain for a long time now so of course, my head (even though I know damn well my body likes to play tricks on me) goes straight to…I gotta be pregnant.  I know, know, know I am mostly likely not, but that’s not going to stop me from picking up some dollar store tests tonight.  I’m not usually a big POAS person, but I am this cycle because I want to know as early as possible if I am so I can beg for progesterone and anything else they’ll give me that will hopefully stop a miscarriage from happening this time.

That’s all folks!

Lots of Love~Dawn