How’s The Wait Going?

I get asked this question fairly frequently.  It’s only been 40 days.  40 days of numbing my mind with Gilmore Girls and Felicity so I don’t have to think about the fact that I have no idea how long we are going to have to wait.  Are there healthier ways to handle this wait?  Absolutely!  I should be spending my time meal planning and working out instead, but when I watch these shows, my brain gets occupied.  It doesn’t wander…it just gets caught up in the story and enjoys.

I went to an Adoptive Mom’s dinner on Tuesday night.  There were 7 of us there (but one was an intern for the adoption agency that puts these events on).  Out of the 6, I am the only one waiting yet.  3 have adopted internationally (Guatemala, Ethiopia, and China), 1 has two foster boys right now and they are in the process of adopting one of them (and will adopt the other boy to if able to), and 1, my friend E from small group was just placed at the end of April.  They asked if I’ve checked in with the agency yet and then I was asked again at small group that night.  The answer is no.  Even if we’ve been looked at, obviously we either weren’t chosen or they’re still in the process of deciding.  I’m going to give it to December and then I will check in if we haven’t heard anything.  I asked my friend J again how long it took to be picked for each of their adoptions.  They went into the book for the first time in the month of July and were picked by October but that was the one that fell through.  They immediately went back into the book, and were picked again in January.  With their 2nd, they went into the book and were picked 2 weeks later and their 3rd, they had to wait the longest, 15 months.  They are now pregnant for the 1st time ever via IVF. As much as I hope we are picked quickly like they were, I hope the longest we have to wait is their longest.

In other news, I’ve joined Weight Watchers…don’t get too excited…I still haven’t managed to actually get on track.  I will be finished with the soda I have in the house by tomorrow so I’m hoping to stay strong and not buy more…even if there’s a great sale on it.  Also, J and I are doing what we are calling “No Spend October”.  That means we are going to try to just eat what we have in the house before going grocery shopping (this also means that staying on track isn’t going to happen because we mostly have processed foods in the house right now).  Obviously, we will have to spend money on some groceries (I am going to try to at least add veggies in to dinner…hopefully Aldi’s produce will be decent over the next month) and gas, but other than that, no spending and if we do (like making our water softener compliant to village standards), it cannot go on our credit cards, we have to pay cash or have money available to use our debit card.  No eating out, no shopping, nothing!  I’ll admit, this will be hard for me.  J will have an easier time, but I think the not grabbing something to eat on the go will be tough for him.  Wish us luck, lol!

I also had another daycare baby start this week.  He comes on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Tuesday started off well, he did pretty good in the morning, but at about 11am he started screaming and screamed for over an hour except when I fed him lunch.  He also doesn’t like me to be out of his sight and not paying attention to him.  This is the one thing I don’t like about getting babies that aren’t newborn, especially if they’ve been home with a Mom or Grandparent.  Nothing against any of you Mama’s, especially when we’ve worked so hard to have a baby in the first place, I get that you want to give them all your attention.  I totally get that.  But then when a Family provider takes over and can’t focus that same kind of attention on them, it makes it hard for everyone.  I’m hoping he’ll acclimate quickly, but it’s difficult when they aren’t full time.  I also got another call from one of J’s coworkers about a 2 and 4 year old.  Their provider may or may not be quitting at the end of the year so she wanted to check and see if I have spots.  I’m hoping that works out in my favor, but I’ll be plenty busy with my new one that’ll start in January even if I don’t get them.  It’d just be nice to have the money to save.

Alrighty, kiddos should be showing up any minute so I better get going.  Have a great day everyone!

Lots of Love~Dawn


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