Weekend Recap 10/09 – 10/11

Guys…this weekend just was not one of those great weekends.  I’m in a major funk lately and it’s kind of been coming to a head for awhile now.

Friday night, we went to J’s Cousin’s football game.  Their hs team has been undefeated this season and even though his cousin is actually on JV, he almost always gets to play by 4th quarter because they’ve just been blowing every team out of the water.  J’s other cousin who lives about an hour away from us also came with his family to watch.  You’ve heard me mention his wife before on here.  She’s the one that is just so sweet and always knows the right thing to say when it comes to our journey.  We normally talk every week but since school started, we haven’t been talking as much.  She’s been busy and I’ve well, been in my adoption wait funk.  So, it was good to see them and their girls and catch up.

Saturday, J played in a golf tournament for his friend that passed away around this time last year.  He was the first one in our long line of funerals this past year.  😦  He was gone pretty much all day so I headed to the bank and to get my oil changed.  I finally got the “Thank You” cards written to all the people that bought squares on the Packer board my friend did for us (at least the ones that gave us checks anyways so I had their addresses).  I put the deposit in the bank and he ended up raising $2575 for us.  That is just amazing and so humbling when you think about it.  We have about $5000 more to come up with and we will have all the money we need when we get placed.  I still need to apply for a few grants and hopefully, that’s where the rest of the money will come from.  I ended up having to wait for 3 hours to get my oil changed.  Luckily, I brought a stack of magazines I needed to catch up on.  Other than that, I caught up on “The Mindy Project” so now I have to wait each week for a new episode.  J started cleaning the garage Saturday night so I sat out there and talked with him for awhile.  And then came the absolute worst day of the weekend.  😦

Ladies, Sunday was just awful.  I got up and really wanted to make it back to Church (finally), the Packers were playing at noon and it was going to be 80 degrees out so J wanted to get the yard and everything that needed to be winterized.  He also wanted to go out on the boat one last time.  Pretty much none of that happened.  So, it started out with my just having a body image break down.  We were putting our clothes away and I had a wipes box full of bras and swimming suits that don’t fit me. My chest has gotten so big and the bones underneath are so tender that I can no longer wear bras with underwire in them because it is so, so painful.  So I have few wire free bras that I wear and need to get rid of the rest because they’re either too small or have underwires.  I just started bawling.  I hate my boobs.  I hate how big they are, I hate how painful it is and I hate that I can’t wear underwires anymore because that’s what holds them up the best.  What I hate the most is that my boobs getting even more huge and saggier didn’t even result from having a baby.  😦  Cue in my poor (but wonderful) husband trying to make me feel better.  So, I calm down and it’s now too late to make it to Church so I went and made homemade taco seasoning (here’s the link to the recipe if anyone wants it).  We use a lot of taco seasoning around here so I decided to try out making my own instead of the packets full of chemicals.  Hopefully it will be spicy enough.  I made a creamy burrito casserole yesterday using it but I also use refried beans with green chiles in it so not sure yet if I got the taco seasoning just right.  So, we’re working on projects and going in and out of the house through the garage and patio door to the back yard bringing stuff in for the winter and around 11:30, J asks if I’ve seen Bandit.  He goes in and out and hasn’t escaped the fence in a long time because we thought we finally had it all tiny puppy proofed.  At first, we just figured he went to take a nap.  He likes to nestle into J’s clothes and when that pup is out, a freight train could go by and he’d sleep through it.  We started looking all over the yard, house and basement and we couldn’t find him anywhere.  J went out and started driving around the neighborhood calling for him, when our neighbor’s got home, they went out and started looking for him, it was awful.  I put it on FB and in a couple of more local buy/sell sites and that is how we found him (Thank you, God, so much).  We were out hanging up posters about 5pm (I think) and we were at Kwik Trip when we got the call.  We live right next to all the schools and a guy on the street perpendicular to us found him in the elementary school parking lot chasing a squirrel.  He called him and Bandit went right to him.  The girls that live in the house next door to him took care of him for us all afternoon until somebody in one of those houses saw my post on the buy/sell site and they called us.  I have never felt so relieved.  I spent all afternoon crying and worrying about him and J did his best to stay strong even though he was just as upset.  He said he didn’t realize just how much he loved the little guy until we couldn’t find him.  What we think happened is that we have a wood pile that goes to the top of the back fence that lines up with the elementary school parking lot.  We think he climbed the wood pile and jumped down onto the other side which is just crazy because it’s 5 ft high, but that little guy is completely fearless.  Needless to say, we are overjoyed to have our little guy back in the house where he belongs.  So yeah, that was pretty much my weekend.  It sucked, I’m glad it’s over although I could use another day off to actually get things done and catch up on the sleep that I missed last night even though Bandit was home safe.

Have a great week!

Lots of Love~Dawn

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