Lovin’ My Job

Ladies, if you’ve been following my blog for the last year or so, you know how miserable I was in my job last year.  To the point that I was seriously trying to figure out what else I can do with my life that would bring in the same kind of money.  Then I lost all but one of my kiddos in June and I was devastated!  Turns out, as much as I miss those kiddos, it was a blessing in disguise.

This school year is going so much better!  At this time, I only have 1 full time kid and all the rest are part timers and it is the best thing ever!  If I have a rough day with a kiddo, I only have one day left with them that week or I have a break for from them for 4-6 days.  However, the rough days are few and far between.    

I have had one 8mo old the last few weeks that I had to tell his parents I just don’t think it’s going to work out.  This is his 3rd week with me and he only comes Tues and Thurs, but except for when he’s sleeping, he’s almost always crying.  And I’m not talking whimpering or quiet crying, I’m talking screaming!  They told me he’s sensitive to loud noises, which I totally get.  I hate loud noises myself (like major phobia of guns, balloons, fireworks and cracking thunder), but everything and absolutely nothing sets this kid off and once he starts, putting him down for a nap is about the only thing that gets him to stop.    Don’t quote me, but J and I both think there’s some sensory issues going on.  He doesn’t like texture in his baby food either.  Anyways, I feel bad that he’s miserable most of the day and it also takes away from the other kids so his last day is going to be today.  Here are some of the cuties I get to enjoy each week:

Playing nicely together.  This doesn’t always happen, lol.

My bookworms!

This little cutie gives me my baby fix 2-3 days a week!  

Also, one of my awesome daycare Moms brought me my first PSL from Starbucks this morning.  It was delicious.  This same Mom also made us amazing chicken enchiladas when I had my surgery last month.  I’m Blessed!


8 thoughts on “Lovin’ My Job

  1. Sounds like a nice change! I’m a head start teacher – last year I had a really tough class but this year my kids are angels. It makes such a difference, I’m so much happier in general!

  2. Being happy at work is the key to happiness in life, I think! I also think you’re probably right that *something* has to be going on with a child that does nothing but scream 24/7. It doesn’t matter what that *something* is, but that’s definitely not normal. Poor baby, to be so upset all the time and not be able to communicate what’s bothering him 😦

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