Weekend Update 10/16-10/18

Hooo…what a weekend!

It was homecoming in my hometown this weekend and also my 20 year class reunion (I have no idea how that happened!!!  I can’t be that old!).

Friday night, we headed to my hometown for the football game.  I knew some classmates were going to be there and I also wanted to see my niece perform at half time (she takes after her Auntie and is on dance team).  It was pretty chilly out so we made sure to have our winter gear with us.  We stopped by the mexican restaurant when we got to town and grabbed some dinner first and ran into some friends so it was nice to do a super quick catch up with them.  We got to the game and bundled up.  Saw a few classmates, sat next to some of them and couldn’t for the life of me remember what one of their names was.  I’m usually pretty good at remembering things from long ago…oops!  My Sister made it there right before half time so we watch B perform and then stayed through the 3rd quarter before heading home.  We did win…Go Timberwolves! 🙂

Saturday morning, I had plans to meet the manager of the new gym that opened in WS at 9am.  J got up early to go hunting and comes in the room to let me know the truck was dead and ask to take my car.  Needless to say, even though he said he’d make sure he was back by 10am, I didn’t get to the gym til about 11am.  I am so glad I made it there though.  Holy Buckets…Ladies, the technology in this gym is just insane!!!  When I’m on a cardio machine, I can make it seem like I’m doing a course through New Zealand or a number of other places.  Or I can listen to my music, watch tv or bring up a number of other apps.  And the elliptical was so quiet compared to my super squeaky one at home.  They have those battle ropes that you always see on “Biggest Loser” and I’ve always wanted to try.  You can scan the code on all the weight machines and it’ll give you a tutorial on how to use it and then you can input what you did to track all your calories you’ve burned.  They have a room for group classes but if you can’t make it for the classes they have, there’s a touch screen computer with all sorts of different kinds of classes (kickboxing, zumba, step, etc.) and you just tap what you want and a screen comes down in the room and plays the class for you.  So cool!  There is also tanning and a hydromassage bed which I think will be fantastic to help with my fibromyalgia.  Needless to say, I signed up right there and added tanning/hydromassage to my package.  For just over $2/day for the gym/tanning/massage, I think it’s totally worth it.  And if J decides he wants to join, we can add him for $29/mo.  Oh and I get a fitness consultation with their trainer and 2 free training sessions with him.  🙂

After the gym, I hit the bank, returned some stuff to Shopko and made a trip to Kohl’s trying to figure out what I was going to wear to the reunion.  I didn’t like anything I tried on but I did grab a belt, a bra, 2 pairs of boots with the wide calf (because mine are huge and it’s so hard to find boots that will fit around them) and a new pair of sneakers to only use at the gym.  I had part of a gift card left from my birthday and a 30% off coupon so I got all that for just under $85.  Total win IMO!

I headed home and started getting ready for the reunion about 4pm.  I’m going to admit, I was totally worried and feeling really self conscious for this reunion.  I normally love them and am super excited and I still was excited to see everyone, but I’ve gain 40lbs since the last one and just wasn’t feeling my best self at all.  Luckily, everyone was totally sweet and kind as always.  I only took one pic with classmates with my phone and I look huge in it, but I did get a cute one of J and I.  It was fantastic seeing everyone.  We talked about adoption a lot and because so many people know about it because of FB, almost everyone asked how it was going.  Our class president has also been through miscarriages and had sent me a private message awhile back just offering her support and I know of at least two other classmates there that went through IVF.  A few people I hadn’t seen since graduation and others for at least a decade so it was so nice catching up and everyone just gets along now and talks to everyone else.  It’s awesome.  We headed out to a couple bars after but headed home around 1:30 I think.  When I said goodbye to W (our class prez), she just put her forehead against mine and said “Happy October.  I know it doesn’t feel like it but it will get better and you are going to make such a great Mom when you get your baby.  I hope they come to you soon.”  It was so sweet, Ladies.  I just said back that I hope she does to and she said that she was okay if it doesn’t happen.  I think she’s found her way to being at peace with a childfree life.  I’m proud of her.  And the funny thing is, when we were in 6th grade, we were twins.  Our reading teacher couldn’t tell us apart because we looked similar and had the exact same glasses so the fact that we also share this bond, is a little weird.  Anyways, it was a fabulous night, I had 2 glasses of wine and 4 mixed drinks and although I didn’t feel drunk by any means, I was definitely feeling it yesterday with a headache and a little queasiness when I woke up from my afternoon nap.  I was completely unproductive but totally okay with it, lol.

20 year class reunion

20 year class reunion

Sunday pretty much consisted of trying to catch up your blogs (haven’t gotten there yet, going out to breakfast with J, taking a 2 hour nap, watching the Pack at my Mom’s (6-0 Baby), and Oola class.  Got home, watched an episode of “Scandal” with J and went back to bed.


Always have to use my Packer Superbowl coffee mug on game days!

Oh, and a quick update on my little one that spent his days screaming.  His last day was on Thursday so this week should be much more peaceful.  I hope they find great care for him that works with whatever needs my daycare was unable to meet for him.

Have a great week!

Lots of Love~Dawn

4 thoughts on “Weekend Update 10/16-10/18

  1. Thank you…it really was. Still a bit self conscious about the weight, but nobody cared. I love that for reunions at least, our class has become a lot less cliquey and a lot more caring. Have a great week also!

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