Just Feel Like Writing

Things didn’t go as planned this week.  You would think with infertility, I’d totally be used to that.

It was supposed to be a nice, easy week.  The screamer was no longer in my care.  Tuesday should have therefore been a much easier day and Thursday I would just have my 1 full time kiddo. We were going to be able to go out and do something and not have to be at home.  It was going to be wonderful.

Not so much.  On Tuesday, Dad forgot to put the sleep sack for Baby C in the diaper bag.  I actually only put her arms in it, not her whole body because she moves her legs so much that they get stuck and it wakes her up.  I didn’t think it would be a big deal.  Guess what?!  BIG DEAL!!!!  She would not sleep.  She usually naps from 9-11am and then again from 1ish to 3 or 4.  She slept for about an hour the whole day. On top of that, she was pretty much spitting up everything she drank and cried all morning and most of the afternoon after her 25 minute nap she took.  So much for an easy day.

Wednesday was a little better.  I had the sleep sack but she still only did an hour in the morning which is tough because of my schedule with the older kids.  And she kept way more of her bottle down (Yay!).  So I’m almost done for the day.  I’m super excited for Thursday and just having J-man and I get a text from my Friday family asking if she can bring the kids on Thursday instead.  Whomp!  Face palm…are you kidding me?!  Needless to say, Thursday was not the fun, out of the house day I had planned.  We were here, stuck at home.  And she decided to bring them today also which was fine because I have a different little one in the mornings on Friday so I wasn’t going to be able to leave anyways and I won’t have them next week because they are going on a trip and I will also be in CT, so at least I made up the money I would have missed out on.

So yeah, things did not go as planned.  You’d think I’d be used to it, but sometimes, I would just like the little things to go as planned for once! 🙂

Have a great weekend, Friends!

Lots of Love~Dawn

5 thoughts on “Just Feel Like Writing

  1. Ha, the world does not believe in plans for those of us who understand infertility! Or at least, that what I’m coming to believe!
    Glad you survived it and I hope the rest of today flies by so you can start enjoying your weekend!

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