CT Weekend Recap and IVF Phone Consult


Como Beach on Long Island Sound

Como Beach on Long Island Sound

I will start you off with some beautiful pictures of the Sound.  🙂  Friends, it was an amazing (but exhausting) weekend!

My flight was supposed to leave Madison at 11:45am, but ended up being delayed about an hour.  Luckily, I had a long layover in Chicago so this was no problem for me.  I landing in NYC about 6:30pm and then had to shuttle over to Budget to pick up my car.  It was dark and we tend to road trip out there these days, so I’m no longer used to driving in and out of Queens to get to CT.  Luckily, except for one missed turn, I had no problem getting to the Hutchinson Parkway to be on my way to CT.  Unfortunately, I got to Stamford and was stopped by construction.  See the good people of CT have this terrible habit of not knowing how to merge so when it needs to be done, traffic stops.  I get through that, and two miles down the road, we have to do it again!  Why they didn’t just keep us in one lane til it was all over, I will never know.  Anyways, I arrived at the Lucas’ (the family I nannied for) about 9pm.  They were just finishing up carving pumpkins and Jane warmed me up some dinner and poured me a glass of wine.  We spent awhile catching up and then we all (Scott (the Dad), Jane (the Mom) and Daniel (the 14 yr old)) watched “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” and an episode of “Modern Family”.  By then it was almost 11pm and Daniel had to get to bed for school and Scott went to bed for work so Jane and I stayed up chatting til 1am and drinking wine.  It was so good to catch up with her.  The next morning, I woke up at 7am and could not get back to sleep.  I finally got up and read until Jane got up and we headed to breakfast at this tiny little cafe in Easton.  After breakfast, I dropped Jane off at Scott’s office and did a little exploring through Westport to see what had changed since we were last there.  That’s also when I headed down to the beach and got all these pics of the New England Fall leaves.

IMG_4643 IMG_4637 IMG_4634 IMG_4633 IMG_4631

I also went and checked out the first house I nannied at.  I haven’t stayed in contact with them because it didn’t end well, but here is the house and also the Lucas’ home.


First street and home I lived /nannied in CT.

First street and home I lived /nannied in CT.

Where we stay when we visit CT now.

Where we stay when we visit CT now.


After I got back to the house, Jane called to say that I could pick up Daniel from school early after all.  I went and got him and we hit up my favorite place to eat in CT, Sakura!

IMG_4641 IMG_4642

The Chef let Daniel try his hand at cooking our meal. :)

The Chef let Daniel try his hand at cooking our meal. 🙂

After our late lunch, we headed back home and I packed up to head out to meet my Bestie, Tracy.  We met up in Milford, where we used to live for pedicures before grabbing a quick dinner and heading to her house to watch a movie and catch up.  We stayed up until about Midnight and then we both zonked out.

Saturday morning, I met up with some other friends for brunch.  It was so good to catch up with them.  I hadn’t seen Breanne in over 5 years and Macaire, probably at least 6.  The thing I love about my CT friends is that none of them have children yet. We talked about adoption and when Bre and I had a spare minute alone, we spoke about infertility.  She just got married in August, but they’ve been ttc for over a year now.  She said it took up until a few months ago to get her cycle to even regulate after coming off the pill so she was asking me questions about what she should talk to her Dr. about when she goes in Nov.  Even if she ends up pregnant fairly quickly, her pregnancy will still be high risk since she has type 1 diabetes.

After brunch, I went back over to the Lucas’ for about an hour because I promised Daniel I would come by.  After that, I headed back up to Milford to meet up with Tracy who had forgotten that she had made plans for lunch with an old friend before I decided to fly out there.  I met up with them at the restaurant they had lunch at and when that was over, Tracy and I did a little shopping and then went back to her house to relax a bit before heading over to a friend’s for a Halloween party.  I also got her hooked on “Scandal” in this layover, lol.   We headed to a Halloween party even though I think we both would have rather just stayed home and hung out.  The party was small and not super exciting but it was nice to see a few of the people I knew.  Here’s Tracy and I’s selfie from the night:


We got back to the house and watch another episode of Scandal before going to bed since I had to get up at 4am to fly back to WI.  I will end my CT portion of the post with one last New England Fall pic:


Now tomorrow is a busy and important day!  It’s J and I’s 3rd Anniversary, we have our IVF phone consultation at 6:30am and I have my fitness consultation at the gym at 6:15pm.  My question to you all is this, what are some questions we need to make sure we ask on our IVF consult?  Especially for those of you that did IVF cycles out of State.  Any advice is appreciated!  I hope you all have a great week!!!

Lots of Love~Dawn

11 thoughts on “CT Weekend Recap and IVF Phone Consult

  1. Sounds like an awesome weekend! There are few things better than catching up with old friends. Love the fall pics — so pretty. Wow, a 6:30 IVF phone consult. DANG, that’s early! I don’t really know about questions to ask. I’m bad at that. Since it’s out of state I’d definitely ask how much time you’d need to be there, how much time you’ll need to be off work, etc. Ask how much involvement your doctor will have during the process (some do all the ultrasounds every visit, some you don’t see until the retrieval if even then). Ask what testing they require beforehand (some require hysteroscopy and mock transfer, some don’t). And maybe ask what protocol they’d have you on and why, and if there’s any supplements they’d have you take. Ok, I guess I had a few questions haha. Good luck. I’m excited for you!

  2. A few questions to add: what day to they prefer to transfer and why, do they have a cycle package ( like three cycle guarantee or something where you can pay discounted upfront for a few cycles and they return the money if it works the first time). Also ask their success rates and what the newest technology they adopted in their lab ( this will tell you if they are cutting edge). Good luck. Glad you had such a lovely trip!

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