Anniversary and Consult Updates = Longest Update EVER!

Yesterday was our 3rd Anniversary, if there is such a thing as Golden Anniversaries like there is Golden Birthdays, then ours was yesterday, and yet this is the only year I totally dropped the ball on gifting.  J, however, did not drop the ball at all.  I got home from a Health living class on Monday night and he already had my gifts waiting for me on the counter.  🙂

IMG_4652 IMG_4653

Love this Man and love my gifts, especially the necklace.  I promised him a back massage this weekend and we are going to Milwaukee on Sunday to see “WICKED”!  I am so excited about this.  It is in my Top 2 favorite musicals along with “RENT”.  Another reason why I’m really excited to see it again (this will be my 3rd time) is because last time I went, it ended up being a tragic day.  My best friend Jenny and I were supposed to go but ended up in a huge fight over money which kind of began over her deciding she didn’t want to go because she didn’t have the money and it was my fault because I shorted her $100 when she subbed for me even though I told her I’d pay her what the Lucas’ paid me for being out in CT to take care of the kids AND she did NONE of the lesson plans I left.  She basically just sat and watch the kids which was fine when they were younger, but at this time we had a schedule and a curriculum that I followed.  Anyways, so instead of Jenny coming (and there’s way more to that story), I asked my friend Angie to come with.  Angie happens to be my Pastor’s (at the time) daughter.  We went, we had a fantastic time, the musical was amazing as always.  Shortly after we left Milwaukee to head home, my Dad’s wife called to tell me he had passed away while napping.  Let me tell you, there is no better person to have with you when you get that kind of news than a Pastor’s daughter.  Ok, Long story short (or not so short), 5 years, 3 months and 1 day after my Dad passed away, I am finally going to go see “WICKED” again and hopefully replace some of those awful memories, with better ones.

Okay, on to my consults.  First up was our IVF consult at 6:30am yesterday.  We spoke with the Dr. first.  He basically just asked questions about our history and then we got to ask our questions.  I’m going to bullet point this part.

  • How long do we need to be out there?  If we stay out there for monitoring and retrieval instead of doing monitoring here, we’re looking at being out there for about a month or so.  Possibly less, but more than likely not.  I can handle that.  A month in CT…no problem!
  • Is bedrest required after procedures?  Egg retrieval she said I would be tired and want to rest the rest of the day and with transfer to take the day of and day after off.  Again, not a problem if we’re just out in CT.
  • How often will we see Dr.?  Nurses draw blood and do ultrasounds and then consult with the Dr.  We’ll most likely only see him for retrieval and transfer.
  • What testing is required prior to starting?  J would need to do another SA because it’s been since Dec. of 12′ since he’s had one.  I would also have to do hormone testing (FSH, AMH), pre-conception testing, HSG and and ultrasound after, can’t remember what he called it but they do both at the same time there instead of putting you through it twice.  He also highly encouraged genetic screening because we’ve never had it done.  That would be an extra $200 on top of the other testing.
  • What protocol would I do?  I would be put on 225u’s of an FSH (hopefully follistim since I already know how to do that and how I react) and 125u’s of menopur.  I would also have Lupron in there somewhere.  He also suggested doing PGD testing.  Again, extra expense but at my age, it’s probably better to weed out the abnormal embryos.
  • Are there any supplements I should start taking?  He said there’s no proven studies on this but supplements won’t hurt so I’m going to finish “It starts with an egg” and go with what she says.
  • What day do they prefer to transfer?  Day 5 but if we do PGD testing it would be a moot point.
  • Do they have cycle packages?  They do, but not with any money back guarantee type things.

All in all, we were pleased with the consult and I really liked the finance coordinator and nurse that we spoke with too.  Our next step is to fill out the application for Compassionate Care so we can see if we can get a discount on meds.  J, although wary of how we’re going to pay for it was ready to jump right in over Christmas but I had to slow him down because AF already showed up on Monday and there’s no way to get the testing down in time.  If my cycle keeps up the 28 day schedule though for the next couple months, we could go out over Christmas and do the testing out there.  We need to chat about it more and figure out finance stuff, but it’s looking like we may actually be able to give this a try.  The time is now if we’re going to do it.

Fitness Consult

Monday night, I went to a healthy living class my Sister does once a month and this month, there was a trainer there that put us through body weight exercised and also arm exercises using water bottles as our weights.  I was definitely sore on Tuesday, especially my legs.  Tuesday night I went to the the gym for my fitness consult.  He took my weight and height and then I held onto this thing that looked like a video game controller and it calculated my body fat percentage.  38.5%…not good!  Then we went out and did an actual training session.  He said he’d like to see me get down 2-3% points in a month.  We did a half hour of training and I was sweating like crazy by the end.  Yesterday, my legs were killing me and today, my arms (especially my triceps) are crazy sore.  Hope I can make it through pilates tonight, lol.  I am really excited about this and they were running a deal on personal training (2 sessions a month for $40/month) so I signed up.  I am someone who needs a trainer to tell me what to do.  I’m super excited about this journey and have my next session on Tuesday evening.  🙂

Okay, this post is crazy long and took me 2 days to write, lol.  Hope y’all have a great weekend!

Lots of Love~Dawn

15 thoughts on “Anniversary and Consult Updates = Longest Update EVER!

  1. Well, that is all great news! I am so excited that things are looking like a go for IVF. I can email you my supplement list for endo from Dr. B if you like. I think they made a difference for me, although it’s really hard to say for sure. Certainly can’t hurt! Why did you guys decide to go with a clinic in CT? Can you make a game-day decision on PGD? If you end up making a ton of blasts, it definitely makes sense to do it. But if you only make one or two, would you still want to test them, or just throw them in?

    I hope you have a great time at Wicked. I love that one as well — I’ve seen it twice! I still have never seen Phantom, if you can believe it. I want to see Bring It On, too, although I don’t know that I’d be able to find anyone to go with me!

    • Thank you! I would love your supplement list… The clinic is actually in Albany, NY (well the location we’ll be using), but I spent 12 years living in CT so we’ll be able to stay with the family I nannied for and go back and forth for appointments. We contacted them because it was way cheaper than anything around here or that I’ve heard of. That’s a good question on the PGD testing, I’ll have to find out. I’ve never seen Phantom either. Hope you can find someone to go see Bring It On with you. If it’s still there in the summer, I’ll go see it with you while I’m out there. 🙂

  2. I am so excited that things are going so well for you right now! I’m thrilled that things are so positive about IVF! And, I hope you have a wonderful time at Wicked! I still have not seen it, but hope to one day. 🙂
    And seriously, your husband is so sweet! Your anniversary gift(s) look so wonderful!

  3. Happy Anniversary! Sounds like you landed a pretty good man. Glad you are both feeling good about the clinic and moving forward with IVF. Of all the supplements my doc is very insistent that you take CoQ10 and at least 800mg a day. He said that is the main supplement that is shown to help egg quality. Wishing you so much luck!

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