I Am So Angry!

***Rant Below that you may not all agree with but I needed to get my feelings on this out***

Ugh, how do I have so many people on my Facebook that have no compassion or empathy for others?  So many people that posted some graphic about how we shouldn’t help the refugees because we have our own homeless problem in the US including Veterans.  Yet, I can guarantee 99% if not 100% of those people do nothing to actively work towards a solution to help the homeless.

These people are being terrorized.  Their country is war torn.  They have to be afraid of bombs coming down and ISIS raping and killing them.  They have to leave everything they’ve ever known just to have the chance for their families to survive; for their children to live.  I’m sorry, I actively work towards helping the homeless in my community, but even the homeless in the USA don’t have it as badly as these people do.

And of course, the ISIS as a whole is Obama’s fault!  Because the guy has that much power?!  Are you kidding me?!  Again, I am just so angry!

Here’s my FB status from earlier:

I have seen so many people today post about how we need to help our own homeless before we help other countries. 1.) God calls us to help all in need for those of you that call yourselves Christians. 2.) You say we need to help our own homeless, but what exactly are YOU doing to help this problem? Or are you just saying we need to but you don’t actually want to do anything to help. It’s an interesting subject that’s coming up in the middle of National Hunger and Homelessness Awareness week. If you’re interested in helping our homeless but don’t know how, here’s a great way: Go www.fpmcwi.wix.com/familypromise and become a Club 180 member. $15/mo and if only 500 people in all of Monroe County pledge to do this, we will have Family Promise of Monroe County, WI funded for a year!

I haven’t checked yet, but I’m betting there’s no new donations to Family Promise to help the homeless.

19 thoughts on “I Am So Angry!

  1. Anger can be a powerful force when harnessed, I hope you anger turned Facebook post and blog post encourages people to start making positive contributions to help anyone in need. Good for you for being a positive voice!

  2. I am with you. The refugee situation is absolutely heartbreaking and the blame game to ‘who has it worse’ is sickening. I am glad you posted something positive.

  3. I am with you whole heartedly. I actually cannot believe some states have refused to accept refugees. I know it doesn’t have to Americas problem, but If they could just see what’s going on here in Europe right now, the awful camps the refugees are living in, they might have some empathy. These camps breed extremism 😦
    As for claims about homeless vets, Michelle Obama has been working hard to get cities to pledge to deal with this…Virginia is apparently the first to achieve their pledge for ending homeless vets. (I still see a couple of vets asking for money at the traffic lights so I’m not sure if they really are vets or it is just a numbers game)

    • There are so many working to end the homeless problem and one girl was like “our governments monies need to go to our vets”. Guess what? It’s not just a government issue, it’s a human issue, a community issue and when there’s not enough government funds coming in, then those of us that are better off need to work together to use the resources we do have in our communities to help these people find a way to sustainable living. Not just giving them a hand out but actually working with them on whatever skills they need to not return to homelessness and that’s what Family Promise is all about doing. Sorry for the rant, I know you know all this already, lol. Thank you for sharing that link! I’m going to go back and read at naptime when I know I won’t have an interruption (hopefully, lol).

  4. I completely agree! I keep seeing this on Facebook myself, and it’s driving me insane. The same thing happened during WWII, you think we’d have learned from our past mistakes. We are a nation of immigrants and refugees, the vast majority of us are here because our ancestors came from another place for a better life, and it’s wrong to deny that to those come later. I’m proud that my governor has openly welcomed refugees to my state.

  5. What I think is bitterly ironic is that the exact same people who are all, “We have to kill every ISIS member because they are just like the Nazis!” who are also all, “No room for refugees here!” Just like most Americans turned away the Jews during the mass genocide everyone wants to compare every other dictator/horror to. I’m a firm believer that any time someone brings nazis into the conversation all intelligent conversation has ended, but it just boggles my mind that people can’t make these connections. We thought what the Nazis were doing was so deplorable that we wouldn’t even welcome their victims into our country. We think what ISIS is doing is so awful that all their victims (and the victims of the reactionary violence against them) should stay put, too. I shudder to think what would ever happen to Americans if wars were ever really fought on our soil and our countrymen needed a place to go. Would anyone welcome us when we behave so disgracefully?

  6. I completely agree with your perspective on this. Its amazing that people are willing to post/say there complete disgust for helping refugees in the name of “all of the homelessness in our country” but will do absolutely nothing to help the problem. I have a similar anger towards people who shout from the rooftops that abortion should be 100% illegal but are unwilling to support the mother’s that do not have the means to take care of an unexpected child (or children). Its rare you see those people lining up to take in children in the foster system. Honestly its just getting harder and harder to look at Facebook everyday.

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