Weekend Update: Holiday Season Is Upon Us!

I love Christmas.  I love finding the perfect gift for people and watching them open it.  Sadly, I’m having a little trouble getting into the spirit of gift giving this year because we don’t have much money and my Mom has no money for Christmas this year which upsets her and in turn, makes me sad.  She worked her butt off taking care of our Veterans for 37 years, retired in March planning to contract out to the VA through an agency but has ended up not being able to get as many shifts as needed to pay her bills, much less get ahead.  So, yeah, it’s just taken a bit out of my spirit.

I had 5 days off over Thanksgiving and it was wonderful!  J was pretty much gone the whole time hunting (and not seeing a darn thing).  We got cable turned back on because we’re in a contract and had put it on hold for 3 months.  It was due to be turned back on on the 20th and I begged J to keep it for now because I have not found any other way to get my Hallmark Christmas movies.  They are a must for deer hunting season!  I made it to the gym on Wednesday and again Thanksgiving morning.  We spent Thanksgiving day at my Mom’s.  The food was delicious and the Packer game was awful.  😦  I still can’t believe the Bears beat us at Lambeau field. In between eating and the game, J and I ran to Walmart for part of my Christmas gift (an iPad).  I really wanted it to use as a reader and it just made the most sense to pay the money for the iPad since everything else we have is apple and also, I could then download kindle and nook to it.  I also like the camera on it much better than with my phone.  We also picked up some playdoh and a game for the kids and a 24 piece pyrex glass storage containers.  We got home about 11:30pm and went straight to bed. I got up at 4:15am to go shopping with my Sister per our tradition and J of course went back out to the woods.  Our shopping trip wasn’t as successful as it normally is but we still had fun.  I got home about noon, took an hour nap and then got up and made the food for Thanksgiving with J’s family.  I got to his Sister’s about 3 or so and we hung out there until about 8:30pm.

Saturday, I finished decorating the tree/house (I had started Wednesday night) and just spent the day chilling out.  J shot at a doe Saturday evening and thought he had missed, but it turned out he hit it and his cousin found it while they were out Sunday morning so J was home about 1pm on Sunday.  I spent the day cleaning and reading books and just cuddling with J and the pups on the couch.  Today we are back to work and busy lives.

Oh, I also weighed myself yesterday morning ( a little scared because I hadn’t done well on food at all this past week), but pleasantly surprised that I lost 2.2 lbs since the 20th.  I’ve lost about 7 lbs overall and just over 5 since I started keeping track and working out.  I have an appointment with my trainer tomorrow night at 6:30pm and we will do a weigh in and find out how many body fat percentage points I’ve gone down.  He wanted it to go down 2-3 points in a month so hopefully, it did.

We’ve got some other things going on this week that I hope I can update you on in the next couple days.  Have a great week!

Lots of Love~Dawn

2 thoughts on “Weekend Update: Holiday Season Is Upon Us!

  1. Congrats on your weight loss! You are doing amazing!! 🙂
    Buying gifts, wrapping them and watching family open them is my favorite part of Christmas too!!! I won’t get to see my family this year 😦 so we decided to make the gifts and save some money (because I just spent $167 posting all the goodies overseas :-s ), we had fun wrapping chocolate bars up to look like santas, reindeer and snowmen !!

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