From a Family of 2 to a Family of 4

And it’s happened in a matter of days!

Peeps…things have been a little crazy around here the last week or so.  Last week, we were busy with work/coaching/getting house ready, and then Saturday morning, we went and picked up H at 9am.  She didn’t have much with her in the way of belongings which would be so different from me if I had to pack my life up and move on a moments notice.  We went to breakfast at the little cafe I worked at throughout HS and college and started getting to know her a bit.  She’s a sweet girl that went down the wrong path due to not really having a Mom that showed her the right path.

Monday morning, we went to the HS to meet with the counselor and figure out a plan for her to graduate on time this May.  She’s a bit behind on credits but they have a thing called a district diploma here where it’s not quite as high as the actual HS diploma but it’s higher than a HSED or GED and H will still get to walk across the stage at graduation which is super important to her.  Her Dad is planning on flying in from Las Vegas for it.  With this district diploma, she will also get to have some electives and enjoy her last semester a little bit.  She loves singing and theatre so she’s going to do choir and theatre arts for the remaining part of this semester and next semester, she gets to do painting.  We also found out that they are holding tryouts on Wednesday for a dinner theatre play so she may try out for that too.  She’s also looking for a part time job to pay off some fines.

Today was her first full day and I’m anxiously awaiting for her to get home so I can hear about it.  We did the requisite first day of school picture in front of our Christmas tree this morning.  🙂

We also found out this afternoon that we are getting her 5 yr old Sister, L.  They should be on there way to our house to drop her off.  She was here Saturday night to visit with us and seemed to really connect with J and loved being by her Sister again.  It’s just crazy how we went from the two of to a family of 4 plus fur babies in a matter of days and, just in time for Christmas.  We are so excited to share the Holiday season with these girls!

Alright, I better get going.  H should be home soon as the HS gets out a little early on Tuesdays.  Hope you all are well and I will update you again soon!

Lots of Love~Dawn

26 thoughts on “From a Family of 2 to a Family of 4

  1. I have shivers reading this update. I am so incredibly proud of you and J for offer your home and more importantly your love to these two girls. You really are an amazing women Dawn! And I firmly believe you and J are going to be amazing parents to these two girls.

    • Thank you! She had a good first day and L had a good first night. I got up a couple times to check on her and our little Bandit stayed curled up to her all night long until I got up this morning. It was so cute and I wanted to take a pic but didn’t want to wake her up. It’s almost 8 am and she’s still sleeping. Too bad her room is also the daycare playroom until tonight at least, lol.

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