And the Word for 2016 Is…


I’ve never picked a word out to focus on for the year before; and maybe focus is a little too broad, but it’s truly what I need to do.

See, my mind hasn’t been working all that well lately.  We joke about it, but I am a teensy bit scared of what is to come when I’m already having a hard time remembering to do things.  So what am I focusing on this year?

  1. God~ I need to start making him my focus each and every day, preferably first thing in the morning when I don’t have a 5 yr old asking me why and I’m not exhausted from the day.
  2. My health~ I was doing fantastic on this throughout November and the beginning of December and then it all went to shit when the girls came into our lives and I lost my balance.  I’m back to feeling like crap and drinking soda so this needs to change immediately and will be a huge focus.
  3. Family~ It’s hard to go from being able to do whatever you want, whenever you want, to having children.  Especially 5 yr and 17 yr old children where normal family rules don’t apply.  We can have H watch L once in awhile, but we’re basically saving that for our small group nights twice a month so that L can be in bed when she needs to be.  We’re not starting off with this baby and then working our way up to a million questions and sassiness and all that good stuff.  We’re starting off with 2 girls who have seen and heard way more than they should have at this point in their lives.  Putting my own wants for downtime needs to get set aside at least until L is in bed for the night.  This is pretty easy to do when school is in session but has been much harder during this break.  My Sisters and I have also decided we need to get together at least once a quarter this year.  We don’t live so far from each other that Christmas is practically the only time that all 3 of us are together and the kids have a great time together.
  4. Budget~ With having the girls show up right before Christmas and not at all expecting to be doing foster care; there was a lot we needed to buy to get the girls settled in and then of course we wanted them to have the joy and wonder of Christmas and presents from Santa.  I don’t regret it one bit, but we do have a hefty balance to pay off now and then we need to stick to a strict budget and start seriously saving because like it or not, I’m now pretty much going to have the summer off (which I will love as long as we are financially prepared).
  5. Young Living~ If I want to some day be able to phase daycare out, I need to concentrate on helping my downline grow their teams and be good leaders.  This is hard for me because I’m not a natural teacher and I hate speaking in front of people, lol.
  6. Daycare~ It’s about to get crazy up in here with the varying ages of children I’m going to have and the part timers that go in and out along with now being up to 3 full time kids.  I want to make sure I have plenty planned for the older kids that they can do without me if I need to be concentrating on the baby.
  7. Friendships~ Nurturing my friendships is something I want to work on this year too.  Especially now that my time is no longer my own and it’s going to be harder to do.  I would like to send out at least one card a week to someone so they know that I’m thinking about them and care, even if we don’t get to chat often.

So there we go, those are my goal for 2016 and as soon as I can find the planner I bought, I will start getting things put in that, lol.  See what I mean about that mind of mine?!

Happy New Year, my Friends!  I couldn’t have made it through 2015 without you and I look forward to sharing our lives with each other through 2016.  May all our dreams come true this year!  Love to you all!!!!

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