Where Do I Begin?

Seriously, where do I start?  It’s been awhile since I’ve had the time to do a post; or if I have the time, I’m too tired to form words to write a post.

First up, I’m totally behind on almost everyone’s blogs…I’m sorry!!!!  I think about you Ladies all the time and wonder how things are going, but have little time to read and catch up (except when I have insomnia at 2:30am and never go back to sleep but we turn the wifi off at night now so I can’t get on the iPad to catch up without coming out to the living room and plugging wifi back in).

So, when I last updated you, I really wasn’t sure whether or not I’m meant to be a Mom.  Thank you for all the fantastic comments that made me feel so loved and cared for by you all.  I think you’re all right and it is totally different when they are your own, BUT, I will also say, IF we end up child-free, I can now totally appreciate the blessings that come with that.  If we wouldn’t have done foster care, I would never be able to say that.  I now appreciate sleeping in, having time to myself, being able to go to the gym after work, and silence…I really, really appreciate silence without the constant question of why am I doing whatever it is I’m doing (usually in a very sassy tone).

We’ve gone through a lot with both girls already this past month and it’s been exhausting.  L is still full of sass and attitude and I get a note from the teacher at least a couple times per week about her not keeping her hands to herself.  I’m really not sure what else we can do.  We’ve talked with her multiple times, made her bedtime earlier and taken away privileges.

We’re pretty sure they are working to re-unify L with Mom after school is out.  They haven’t said anything but visits have gotten upped in frequency and time and also are happening at their house now too.

J has one month of coaching left and then he will finally be done!  I cannot wait…3 seasons gets to be too much by this time of the year.

Daycare is super busy which is another reason why I’m so behind on your blogs.  I now have 3 full time kids plus all my part timers and I swear, I have at least one kid most days that ruins my nap time break and that’s when I used to catch up with you guys.

The only time I make it to the gym these days is when I have an appt set up with my trainer (so twice a month)!  I need to get up early and go but I just am not an early morning person much less wanting to work out.  😦  So yeah, my health is kind of sucking at the moment because I haven’t been doing good about being even slightly on track with food.

The pups are good!  Rocky turned 4 on Monday and Bandit will by 1 this coming Monday.  Bandit got fixed a few weeks ago and I was consumed with guilt because he did not bounce back at all like Rocky did.  You wouldn’t have even known Rocky had surgery and Bandit laid around for days in pain.  I felt awful.  He’s all good now though and very ready for it to warm up around here.

J and I are pretty sure we’re going to head to Vegas over Easter.  We (especially me) really needs a vacation and to get away.  I’m still waiting to hear from the social worker on whether or not Mom can watch the girls or how that works.  If tickets are cheapish, we may bring H with us because her Dad and his family live there.

Alright, as usual, a kid is up way earlier than he should be so I better go.  Hope you are all well and I will catch up soon and comment on posts way after the fact!!!  😉

Lots of Love ~ Dawn

13 thoughts on “Where Do I Begin?

  1. I think of you and wonder about how you are doing! Yet I know you have so much on your plate, and you just from this post I can sense how crazy busy you are! Please know that I am always sending you love and keeping you in my thoughts!

  2. First, I am so happy you had a moment to blog! I have been missing you and thinking about you! Isn’t it amazing how a child/children completely consume every moment of your life. Believe me I get that and its a huge adjustment.
    And just to throw it out there….there is a chance I will be in Vegas on Easter….so….let me know if you end up going.

  3. Holy you are one busy lady for sure! But Vegas…ugh…so. jealous. I hope you go. I’ve been dreaming of Vegas lately lol. Go and let me live vicariously through you 🎉🍻😊

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