Leap Of Faith

Two weekends ago I was looking for a crib on craigslist because my part time daycare baby has not dealt well with transitioning from a rock and play to a pack and play.  I’d had an extremely long couple of weeks because she was not napping well at all and that left her quite cranky!  Well, that weekend, I happened into Shopko to pick up a Valentine’s gift for L after I dropped her, J and her half brothers off at the roller rink.  Sitting at the end of a main aisle was this crib for $199.99.  I am loving gray right now and it can easily be for a boy or girl so I called J up and asked if he was ready to take a leap of faith that we would have a baby at some point to use this crib full time.  He said “Yes”!  He and L put it together Saturday night while I was at a baby shower.  🙂  We both love it!  L wants us to spray paint it pink, lol.


In other news, we decided this week that we are going to go for IVF this summer…unless something crazy would happen before then.  I am going to call the clinic today to see if they can contact my Dr. here with all the tests that need to be done.  I’m turning 39 in a couple of weeks and I do not want to do IVF after 40, so this is it for us and we didn’t want to get a couple years down the road and regret not doing it.  So, if you have recommendations for me on supplements and the best things I can do to get my body in the best shape possible for this, I’d totally appreciate it!  I do have “It Starts with an Egg” and “Fertility Diet” so I will definitely be consulting those but would love to hear what you think worked for you!

Let’s see, what else?  J only has a couple weeks left of coaching and then I get to head back to the gym after work!  Hopefully, I can make my butt go and get back into a good routine like I had in November.  🙂  L had a great couple weeks at school up until this past Thursday and then she hit 2 kids at recess.  Hopefully she comes home with a smiley face today.  We’re also getting ready to start figuring out her birthday party.  We called a couple of hotels with pools around here and they weren’t cost effective at all!  I think I’m going to try a place in my hometown and if that doesn’t work, we’ll just do a party here and then maybe take her to a indoor waterpark for a weekend.  She really wants a swimming party.

I feel like there’s more I had to tell you guys, but of course, I can’t remember what it is for the life of me.  I’m still not caught up on blogs, but I’m slowly working on it.  Hopefully I will get there one of these days.  I hope you are all doing well!

Lots of Love~Dawn


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