Caught up…again!

Seriously, how do I get so behind on reading?  And how has it been so long since my last post?!

Now that I’ve gotten caught up on all of your blogs, I guess I’d better catch you up with what’s been happening with our family.  🙂  We celebrated my 39th Birthday we dinner out at Shogun (a hibachi restaurant).  It was delicious and I’ve created a monster because now L keeps asking when we can go and eat at the place where they cook the food in front of us, lol.  Here’s a pic of J and I:

I wish I could add in the pics of L.  We have cute family selfie we took with her while we were there and then another pic of her giving dinner a 10.  Totally cute!

Saturday of my birthday weekend we went with J to watch him play in his alumni basketball tournament.  If you’ve been following me for a least a year, you’ll remember that he completely tore his achilles at this event last year.  Luckily, that didn’t happen this year but I did take a basketball to the face from some bratty kids that weren’t doing what they were told.  Luckily, I hadn’t been able to find my glasses before we left the house because it would’ve ended up being a much worse injury if I had.  J is supposedly hanging is hat up on this alumni tournament so hopefully, for the first time in what will be 6 years, I won’t be spending my birthday weekend at this game, lol.

Sunday we did a little shopping in the morning (shoes for the whole family) and then went to my Mom’s for dinner, cake and presents.  My niece turned 16 two days before my bday and my nephew turned 7 six days after so we always celebrate together.  🙂

The weekend after my birthday was spent working on taxes.  Between daycare, Young Living, Thirty One and our rental house, taxes are never an easy thing (especially because I’m horrible about keeping up with the bookwork throughout the year).  I’m a little worried because we somehow came out with a refund for state and federal so hopefully everything was done correctly.  We use TaxAct.

That brings us to this last weekend.  After dealing with a ton of MIL drama over this past month (even more so than usual), we did dinner out Friday night with her, my FIL, and my SIL and her family.  We had a good time chatting with my SIL and BIL but there was very little communication with the MIL.  I kept telling them to come sit on the end the rest of the adults were sitting on but they didn’t move.  Also, L wasn’t feeling the best so she was on the quieter side (not a bad thing since we were in a restaurant).  Oh and dinner was delish!

Saturday morning, I planned to take L with me to my hometown because I was taking my nephew to see “Zootopia” for his birthday present.  Unfortunately, she’d had 2 bad days last school last week so I had to leave her home with J.  I felt bad because it is March Madness so it was a bit of a punishment for him too.  Before the movie (which was hilarious), I also went and got a pedicure and it felt heavenly!

Sunday was spent cleaning and doing things around the house and we also dyed Easter eggs with L.  She said that she’s never done that before or hunted for an Easter basket so it was fun to watch her get into dying the eggs.  Here’s a couple of pics:

L has been having a rough time at school these past couple of weeks keeping hands to herself, using nice words and keeping her eyes on her own paper.  She has a prize box that she gets to pick from every day that she has a smiley face and now we’ve made 2 longer term deals with her also.  If she gets all smiley faces this week and next, we’ll take her to “Zootopia” and if she gets all smiley faces for a month, we’ll take her to Shogun for hibachi.  Hopefully these things help but I just don’t know.

Update:  She just walked in and didn’t get a smiley face today.  I’m banging my head against the wall trying to get through to this girl on this stuff.  Ugh!

Up next…Vegas!  This is such a much needed vacation for J and I.  We head out Wednesday after work.  Hopefully, the snow storm we’re supposed to get doesn’t mess up our flight.  I will do a Vegas post when we get back.  🙂  Hope you all are well and I will try to get much better about blogging more frequently!

Have a great rest of the week and a Happy Easter!

Lots of Love~Dawn


14 thoughts on “Caught up…again!

  1. Ahhh, happy birthday to you! I love hibachi grills – the first time I tried one was in the US! I hope L will get to see Zootopia soon. (It’s on my Disney-mad list!)

  2. Happy Birthday!!! It sounds like you’ve been super busy (as I’ve suspected) and that you are working so hard these days! I hope the reward system helps L so that she can see Zootopia soon! And of course, have fun in Vegas!!

    • We have ideas of why she may think this kind of behavior was okay prior to living with us. She is well aware now that it’s not okay and will give us the rote answers when we talk about it with her, but her impulsiveness seems to get her every time.

      • This is the kind of behavior I would work with every single day when I was working. It sucks and you kinda have to take it slow. If love to offer you some suggestions if you want. I have some ideas that might help you nip it in the butt quickly. Do you want to message me on Facebook when you have some time and I’ll try to give you some suggestions?

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