Vegas Baby!

First of all…once again, I’ve managed to incredibly behind on keeping up with you all!  I’m sorry…please forgive me!  This week is going to be crazy because it’s L’s birthday on Thursday and we’re having her party on Saturday but after that, I will hopefully have some time to read and catch up.  🙂

So…Vegas.  We left Wednesday the 23rd, right after work and had to drive to Minneapolis about 2 1/2 hours away through a freakin’ blizzard!!!!  Guys…it was awful.  It’s not that there was a ton of snow on the ground but there were white out conditions a lot of the time and sooooo many cars in the ditch.  Thankfully, we made it to the airport in one piece and in just enough time to get through security, get our seat assignments and go potty before we had to board.  We did end up having to park in the terminal parking lot and pay more, but at least we were there, safe; and our flight was on time.

It was a little after 11pm when we arrived in Vegas.  By the time we got luggage, a taxi cab ($30 freakin’ dollars) and made it to the Luxor, it was after midnight.  I was starving but of course all the cheaper (but still way too high by WI standards) places in the hotel were closed already.  J was super tired so we walked through Mandalay Place and ended up getting wings at this Irish pub.  They weren’t great and they were way too expensive but they filled my belly enough for me to sleep.  If I would’ve known that there was a 24 hour fast food place a few blocks down the strip, we may have left the hotel but by then, I was pretty pooped too.

Friday, we got up and down the strip a ways.  We took a few pics:

These were all taken on Friday.  Some of the cuter pics we have are on J’s phone though.  I’ll try to post those at a different time.  🙂  The pic of us with the red statue of Liberty…yeah, it’s made out of twizzlers!  Yummy!!!

Oh, we also got roped into doing one of those timeshare presentations on Friday.  Tip:  If a casino worker approaches you about cheap show tickets, they’re buttering you up for one of these.  Now, it wasn’t a typical timeshare thing and if we had extra money, I totally would have done it.  We ended up getting Zumanity tickets for $20 a piece and we met some really fun people so it was totally worth it.  I’m not saying don’t do it, but I am going to say hold out for tickets and some cash to play in the casinos.  We found out from other people we could’ve gotten more out of the deal, lol.

Saturday, we did the best thing we could’ve done and went back to the airport to rent a car.  $32/day and we could go wherever we wanted.  It was fantastic.  Our first stop, the Mike O’callahan/Pat Tilman bridge.  It’s a fantastic bridge that they put in for people to get from Nevada to Arizona without having to cross the Hoover Dam.  It also has a foot path that you can walk for free and get a great view of the Dam.  🙂  We walked across and enjoyed the breathtaking view.

After we checked out the Dam, we started driving back to Vegas and stopped at this smaller casino in-between Boulder City and Henderson, I think it was.  I played blackjack for the first time and came out a winner!  We also did a little more walking on the Strip and then met up with one of my BF’s from CT.  Mark and I go way back and we haven’t seen each other since the last time I was in Vegas 9 years ago!  It was so nice to see him and meet his wife and for him to meet J.  We went N9NE steakhouse in the Palms Casino.  It was delicious but the most expensive meal we’ve ever paid for and a once every 5 year-10 year kind of treat, lol.  After dinner, Mark and Amy headed home to their kiddos and we made our way down to Fremont St.

We wanted to do the zip line down Fremont but all the slots were filled for the night and by the time we had a chance to get back down there (on Monday) there was too much wind.  Mostly, we just walked around and checked out the lights and people watched.

Sunday, we headed to Mesquite, Nevada to spend Easter with our old roommate, John and his family.  If I haven’t mentioned him before, he was J’s roommate when I moved in.  J says he’s the best thing he’s ever found on Craigslist, lol.  He and his wife had bought their retirement home in Mesquite when he was transferred once again to the La Crosse cheese plant for the company he works for.  They are originally from WI and a lot of their family is still in the Madison/Milwaukee area.  Anyways, his wife refused to move again so he moved here and just flew home frequently to see her.  He did the readings at our wedding and is like a 2nd Dad to us.  We really miss him and it was great spending time with them and their family and friends.  🙂  Oh, we also went to Zumanity when we got back from Mesquite!  Amazing show if you don’t mind a little nudity.  Very funny and the acrobats were astounding and breathtaking!

Monday was supposed to be my low key day to spend a few hours by the pool and just relax and unfortunately, they closed the pool because of 40 mph winds.  Totally sucked!  We ended up going back to the little casino I first played blackjack at along with a couple others and lost all the money we had won, lol.  When we got back to the hotel, J stayed down to play more blackjack and I headed up to rest and pack since we had to be at the airport around 11pm for our flight.

Flight back was uneventful.  We landed about 5:30am after maybe 20 minutes of dozing on the plane for me and made it back to WS about 8:30am.  I think I slept the last 45-60 min of the drive home.  Got in the house and I took daycare over so Mom could head home and J went to bed (Lucky Duck!).

I know there were a lot more things I wanted to tell you guys.  J kept going, you should write this as a tip on your blog for anybody visiting Vegas…I’ll have to ask him if he remembers what they all were, lol.

I hope you all are doing well!

Lots of Love~Dawn



7 thoughts on “Vegas Baby!

  1. It sounds like a wonderful weekend away!!! I hope you and J are both feeling rejuvenated and refreshed!
    I am so excited to hear about L’s birthday party this weekend. I hope she has a blast and you don’t wear yourself out too much trying to make it special for her. 🙂

    • Thank you…I think it definitely helped. Things have just been a whirlwind since we got back but that’s for a different post. 🙂 I’ll try not too. The hard part is that only 3 kids from her class have RSVP’d but there’s still going to be a ton of kids because of family so trying to figure out cheap, easy good bags. 🙂

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