Friday Favorites #1 (a day late)

I briefly did a weekly Friday Favorites type post and I’m going to try my best to get back to it because I miss posting every week and interacting with you more often.  So, here we go; my favorite things that happened this week are…..

J and his younger cousin N put the new swing set together!  The kids had a great time playing on it this week.



Rocky got to have his first swim of the year last weekend also.  It was gorgeous here, close to 80 and sunny both days!  Seriously, have you seen a happier pup?!


L getting her smile and appetite back!  After a serious chat Monday evening letting her know she wouldn’t be going anywhere any time soon, she had a great day at school on Tuesday (and the rest of the week) and for her reward, dinner at hibachi.  How can you not fall in love with this smile…even when she’s trying to do her fake smile?!


This sweet little pup!  Usually when I put him in his kennel, he just lays on top of that green blanket, but this time, he was either cold or in the mood for hide and seek because he burrowed under it and was so freakin’ cute!


A couple of other favorite things for the week:

White chocolate Raspberry cappuccino from Kwik Trip.  I was so upset when they got rid of my white chocolate caramel flavor but it turns out I like the new one even more, lol.

A compliment from L’s social worker.  After everything that went on this week, in one of her emails to me she said, “Thanks for everything that you do!!  You and Justin have the toughest job out there and you do it very well.”  Personally I think her and the parent aid have jobs way more difficult because they have to see the dysfunction with multiple families, but I so appreciated her acknowledging that we were doing a good job.

A couple things that aren’t necessarily my favorite but did happen this week.  I had 3 moles removed.  I went in on Wednesday to get a couple on my back checked out that J had thought changed a bit.  The Dr. was only concerned about one of them possibly being something more concerning, but he took off two others that were just big and annoying.  One on my back and one on my head.  The worst part was the numbing of the one that he was slightly concerned about and then he seriously had them off in a 5 min. conversation about where I lived in CT.  It was crazy fast!!!   Unfortunately though, they were right in the bra line area so I ended up having to cancel my training appt Thursday night because I couldn’t put a sports bra on.  Anyways, they got sent off to be biopsied, so I should know more within a couple weeks.  I’m also hoping to hear from the Plastic surgeon at the end of next week on whether or not the insurance company approves me for breast reduction surgery.

Have a great weekend, Everyone!

Lots of Love~Dawn


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