Friday Favorites v.2

Phew…hello Friday!  Most of the week went pretty smoothly (work wise anyways) but I didn’t think today was ever going to end.  Anyways, onto some of my favorite things from the past week.

I’m a person that loves changing things up.  I don’t like anything staying the same for too long and that includes the paint on the walls and the my bedding.  So, I totally changed it up this week thanks to one of my favorite stores, Target!

We picked up paint tonight to match the new duvet cover and new shades to replace the mauve ones that have been here since we moved in.

We also FINALLY put in our new toilet that has literally been sitting on our deck for like a year.  Oh and by we, I pretty much mean J.  I helped a bit because it was a complete bitch getting that thing in, but really, it was mostly J.  🙂

We also are finally putting in a new vanity top but that’s also a complete bitch to put in (and again, I mean J’s putting it in).  That will have to be in next Friday’s favorites because he’s still working on getting plumbing to line up.

Last weekend, one of my dreams came true.  I got to watch L have a childhood a bit like mine was.  Saturday was a gorgeous day out and L and the kids in the house 2 down from us (they’ve become good friends of ours) ran back and forth between our houses playing all afternoon.  It so reminded me of my childhood and what I would want my children to have also.  Here they are playing play doh on our deck!


This little guy has stolen my heart and unfortunately, his family will be moving away at the end of the school year (his Mom is L’s teacher).  He was out the first couple days this week with pink eye and then Thursday morning he was super grumpy and had a fever due to shots.  This morning however, he was totally doing that cute sleep with his butt up in the air when I went in to check on him and it just melted my heart all over again.


A couple of my favorite posts from NIAW week:

Elisha at Waitingforbabybird wrote this fantastic post.

Caroline at In Due Time with the help of several other bloggers put together this amazing post.

Every week I could probably have a pic of our pups in my favorites, but seriously, how cute are these 2?!


This Friday, I got a date night with my wonderful husband!  It was spent at Menard’s (a home depot, Lowes type store for those of you not in the midwest) picking out paint, shades and picking up our new front door that we got for super cheap because it was a display door and they had to make way for the new inventory.  Then we headed to Red Pines for some of my favorite pizza around here.

And last, but soooo not least, I have become a presenter with Younique.  If you’ve never heard of it, it’s a makeup/skin care company that doesn’t use chemicals in their make up.  It is the one area that I hadn’t switched to chemical free yet and I’m so glad I found them.  I currently have a party open if you would like to check out their products.  Here is the link:


If anyone would like to join my FB group, please send me an email ( and I will reply with my FB name so we can be FB friends.  Or if you just want to be FB friends and don’t want to be in the group, send me an email for that too and just let me know not to add you to the group.  🙂

So that’s it for this edition of Friday Favorites.  I hope y’all had an amazing week and a great weekend ahead!

Lots of Love~Dawn

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