Friday Favorites v3

Hello and welcome to another Friday Favorites!  So happy it’s Friday and seriously ready to get this weekend started.  🙂  Onto my favorite things of the week…

Newborn Baby snuggles!

Sweet Baby I started at daycare with me on Monday.  Her parents are good friends of ours.  They’re our small group leaders for our Bible Study and our mentors through adoption.  Their 3 older children are all adopted and last Christmas (2014) they decided to give IVF a try.  Their first cycle failed, but they did another one this summer and Baby I was the result.  She is such a snuggler and I loved every moment of it.  🙂  She’s just here on Mondays because they’re only a part time family and Mom is working from home on their other day here right now so I stays with her while H comes here to play with her friends.



This past Saturday, I started at a new gym called Eupraxia.  They were doing a 30 days for $30 deal and I am loving it!!!!  The only day I missed this week was Thursday and I totally regretted it.  I was groggy all day and a bit cranky.  It’s a lot of high intensity intervals and I usually do the 6am class.  That way I have enough time to hop in the shower quick before J gets up and I have to get L up for school.  I also did their nutrition class last night.  A lot of it I already knew from what I’ve learned being a part of Young Living, but there were definitely some interesting statistics there…like 76% of Americans are on prescription pills…whoa!!!  Just another reason why I am sooooo freakin’ happy that I found YL over 2 years ago now.  It’s seriously changed my life for the better.  Wednesday was kickboxing and I pretty much said fuck you over and over as I hit the bag to infertility and fibromyalgia.  Here’s a pic after class was over.  🙂IMG_0618

Getting my hair colored and cut!

There’s just something about getting away for a couple hours and having someone pamper you.  Plus, I adore my hair stylist.  She has dealt with infertility for 15 years but they chose to live childfree (well, not actually childfree because they had custody of his daughter) so I guess really, they just chose to forgo treatments.  Either way, she just gets it and we always have amazing chats.  I also got to scoot out of work early (J watched the kids for the last 15 minutes or so) so I could get to this appt. on Wednesday.  L came with and my Mom picked her up and took her to her house to play with my niece.


Young Living

I just love, love, love this company and everything they are about!  The integrity and the philanthropy that they do is just amazing and their products are all about promoting health and wellness with absolutely no synthetics involved.  I love how they treat their customers and distributors.  I’m hoping to make Silver by the end of the summer so I don’t have to worry so much about getting full time daycare kids and can concentrate on doing more fostering instead.

And last, but certainly not least, my handy man Husband!

He got the new sink in this week and it’s amazing!  A little more counter top room and it’s not all stained up.  Love it!IMG_0621

We are off to Minocqua (tiny town in Northern WI) for the weekend as soon as the last dc kid leaves today.  One of J’s coworkers invited to come up and stay in their 3 br cabin with them.  The downside…she’s pregnant (due in Oct.).  Luckily, for the most part, this doesn’t bother me too much anymore unless it’s someone that seriously has no business being pregnant because they can’t take care of the ones they already have.

I hope y’all have a great weekend!

Lots of Love~Dawn

3 thoughts on “Friday Favorites v3

  1. I’m so jealous!!! I love new baby snuggles!!! Bathroom looks great! Hair looks great, love the red! Glad you’re liking your new gym, you went so much! Hope your weekend is as good as your week was! xoxo

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