Possible New Placement

We got a call yesterday from the same county we have L through.  There’s a 10 yr old girl needing placement at the end of the school year.  I got some of the major details from the SW and when J stopped home from lunch we discussed it.  If we thought L’s story was heartbreaking, this girl’s is even worse.  😦

After talking it through, not too long mind you because this one immediately pulled at both our heartstrings (as I’m sure they all will!); we decided we would do a respite care weekend with her this coming weekend and get more of an idea if it would be a good fit for both her and L.

We, of course, want to help them all, but need to consider the people, especially the kiddo that is already living here.  Hopefully though, it will go well and they’ll get along.  It does sound like L, even though she’s only 6, may have a higher maturity level.  I think this is probably going to be a situation that if we do have her placed with us, L might actually have the role of older Sister showing her how a stable, loving family works.

I will update you guys next week and let you know how it goes!  🙂

Lots of Love~Dawn

11 thoughts on “Possible New Placement

  1. Sounds like you could be very busy this summer! Wouldn’t that be just perfect (and adorable) if L took on the big sister role…so sweet 🙂 Hopefully the respite weekend goes well for all of you.

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