Meal Prep and Doing Something I Never Thought I’d Do Again….

At least not without doing IVF.  I emailed my RE asking for a birth control prescription.  My hope is that it will take away my almost 2 weeks of horrible endo cramping so that I don’t have to deal with that while also recovering from my BR surgery in July.  I’m also hoping that it will stop the endo from growing while I’m on it and that will give the oil protocol I’m doing for endo and female infertility a chance to really start working.

I didn’t get a chance to do last week’s Friday Favorites because life has just been busy and getting more so these next couple of weeks.  I’m in my 4th week of going to Eupraxia (and haven’t made it there yet this week…grrr) so now that I have started getting the workouts to be a habit, I started on meal prep this week.  I spent yesterday morning chopping up veggies and putting together salads in a jar for the week.

The weather also finally got warm this past week.  Our flowers in the front of the house really came out this weekend and I’m loving how many buds we have this year!


I’ve been doing a Business Builders class with my Young Living team the past couple Sundays and I just love how it motivates me to continue sharing and helping people when I can.  Having these oils have changed J and I’s lives and the way we look at health and wellness.  We’re rarely ever sick because of the boost we get to our immune systems from our daily shot of Ningxia Red and Thieves.  I love this Luci bag I bought to help me share when I’m in public.  I suck at going out of my comfort zone to talk to people so I’m hoping this bag will have other people striking up conversations with me.  🙂


A couple of last pics for you…J and I heading to a wedding dinner for his cousin and sweet Bandit voluntarily getting in the puppy pool which he hated last year!

I hope all is well with you Ladies and I hope you’re having a fantastic week!


Lots of Love~Dawn

10 thoughts on “Meal Prep and Doing Something I Never Thought I’d Do Again….

  1. Well done you! I couldn’t be that organised! Sorry you have bad endo cramps… I’ve had two ops for endo and it’s not fun at all. Hope everything says positive for you! X

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