So This Just Happened on FB…

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So this was posted by the guy that started the new gym I go to.  He’s a Chiropractor nearby and I’ve never actually met him because he doesn’t run my gym.  Maybe I was a little overly sensitive to his post, but it kind of pissed me off.

17 thoughts on “So This Just Happened on FB…

  1. Good for you for saying something. We are allowed to be sensitive and hopefully he will be a bit more so in the future. Xo

  2. Good for you for saying something!!! I’m not into the supplement/herbal/homeopathic stuff but bet your ass I took ALL THE THINGS when we started getting desperate! And it was the month I got pregnant too!

  3. Thank you for sticking up for all of us that do this. That poster obviously has not had to experience infertility and RPL. I hope I have the courage like you to do this if I see it!!

    • You’re welcome…I just got so mad about it. And he posted again and said something about he’s not going to stop speaking up just so he doesn’t hurt people because supplements can do damage. I told him we’d have to agree to disagree because I’ve seen/know women and men that supplements have worked for. Clearly he has no clue anything about infertility or the fact that there are case studies that have proven that these help.

      • I would tell him that until he has seen his plan to lower supplements actually get a woman pregnant he is not an expert on infertility and should not be offering medical advice that might conflict with their own doctors. It is irresponsible at best. Just because he is passionate about somethin does not mean it is a one size fits all solution.

  4. I understand what he’s saying, but like mamajo23 said, it “does not mean it is a one size fits all solution”. I agree that some of that could be harmful or at least not as helpful as the true nutrient. BUT when an educated RE is taking care of you medically, I’d trust them 100 times over the guy that runs a gym…

    Good for you Dawn for speaking up for our “group”. And also for making your point calmly and well said. I think that’s the only way to get through to someone and truly make them think. That is, if they are open minded.

  5. Great job! I know those supplements well. Thanks for speaking up. It could have been said in a much gentler way without causing more heartache for the people going through such a hard time already. Kuddos!!!

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