What If…..

She meets is and decides she doesn’t like and says never mind?  For that matter, what if BD doesn’t like us? 

 These are the thoughts flowing through my head now that the initial excitement has settled.

5 thoughts on “What If…..

  1. I can only imagine it is normal to let doubts creep in when you have been given such amazing news. While I have no idea how to navigate such complex emotions, I will say that worrying won’t change anything but being excited just allows you to soak in the huge milestone you just met. I will also say that just hearing your ‘voice’ through this blog I can assure you anyone would adore you and want to have you as their chosen Mom. Wishing you luck and peace. Xo

  2. EXACTLY what mamajo23 said. She took the perfect words right out of my mouth (or would it be fingers?). I doubt I would’ve said it as well though. Try to push aside the worry and just concentrate on the excitement! You’ll be great!

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