And all his babies!!! šŸ˜€

We picked Little Miss R up at 2:45pm.  She slept from the time we left the hospital until after 7pm when I went and changed her so she would wake up to eat. J’s parents and L, her half brothers and their Mom came for dinner.  She was held and loved on all evening.  She drank her bottle great.  She also blessed me with a poopy diaper that kept on coming right after I got her all wiped up, lol.

L is having a bit of a hard time.  She’s gotten super sassy and not wanting to listen to well in the last couple weeks.  I thought it was just because J was away but apparently not.  It’s a fine line of cutting her some slack because we know it’s a confusing time for her and letting her know it’s not acceptable.  She did end up in bed with no story tonight after she through a fit because I wouldn’t let her have her Gatorade by her bed and told her to get her water bottle instead.  I am soooo mean!!!

Hopefully L will settle into her role of big sister soon.

11 thoughts on “Daddy….

  1. Awww that pic is so cute! Glad she’s home with you all and getting lots of love and snuggles. Good luck with L and transitioning her to the role of big sister!!

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