Ultrasound, Recovery, and Insomnia, Oh My!

I’m sorry if I’ve kept anyone in suspense by this it taking a couple days to get this post out.
First up, Tuesday morning, we headed out to meet up with our Birth Mom (who from now on will be known as “K”) for her ultrasound and midwife appt. The ultrasound was amazing! There were tears seeing our baby girl for the first time and the most tears definitely came when we heard her heartbeat. They even printed a few pics for us. They aren’t very good because she’s quite big (estimated to be 8.4lbs at this time) so they couldn’t get a whole lot of her in one photo. After the ultrasound, we were introduced to her midwife. She pretty much just asked how she was feeling and they went over her choices for birth. She wants to do a water birth and does not want to be induced so I sure hope this baby decides to make an appearance sooner rather than later!

Baby girl hiding behind her arm!
After her appts., she went and picked her son up from daycare and we headed to lunch at Red Robin and they met us there. M is a little firecracker that is full of energy. After lunch, we followed her to her place and she showed up her gardens and J hung up some blinds for her. Then we went outside for awhile and J played with M for quite a bit until you could tell that K was ready for a nap. We gave her big hugs and headed out. After the day, we are probably 98% sure she won’t be changing her mind. Unfortunately, there’s still BD that we are worried about.
Now for BR recovery. It hasn’t been as bad as I was expecting. A lot of the tips and things I read said that I wouldn’t be able to lift my arms and to keep things at hip level and I really have had no problems with that. I can lift my arms all the way up to my head to wash my hair without any problem and have been able to since I had the surgery. If I have to stretch my hand all the way up to grab something, then I feel a pull. I also have no trouble reaching behind my to scratch my back or anything. The bra is uncomfortable at times and I mostly just feel really itchy in the chest and incision area. I know this means the incisions are healing, but it is super annoying. I still feel like I’m quite big so I’m really hoping that they’re just swollen and will still go down quite a bit. I got my drains out on Monday and it felt so good to have them gone. I’ve been driving the past couple days and have only taken one dose of tylenol since getting my drains out Monday morning. That was Tuesday night after spending all day on the go for the first time.
The one thing that has been happening frequently is insomnia. Even if I don’t nap during the day or take one fairly early in the day, I’m still laying awake until 5:30-6:30am before falling asleep. It is driving me a bit crazy and I’ve about had it. Luckily, I did sleep fairly well last night. I can’t wait until I’m back in my bed and able to sleep on my stomach and sides again. And I can’t wait to be able to wear a bra without lining in with pads so it’s not so uncomfortable on the incisions. Basically, I just can’t wait to heal up….5 more weeks to go! All in all though, it hasn’t been that painful. Mostly just uncomfortable and annoying. 🙂 I did go out today and purchase some new clothes. If it still didn’t fit me right in the chest area in a small or medium, then I refused to buy it, lol.  
I hope all is well with all of you. All that insomnia did help to finally get all caught up on your blogs though!
Lots of Love~Dawn

16 thoughts on “Ultrasound, Recovery, and Insomnia, Oh My!

  1. Ahh! How exciting to be able to go to the appointment with her and see the baby! I’m also wishing you a drama free adoption, and no issues with the bio father. Sounds like recovery is going smoothly, I hope that continues and gets less annoying for you!! Have a happy 4th of July!

  2. Wow I can only imagine how amazing that must have been to see the ultrasound and hear the heartbeat. Thinking good thoughts that this goes smoothly!

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